Building Maintenance



Building Maintenance, which consists of structural (carpentry, lock shop, and paint), controls, electrical, HVAC, plumbing, and theater maintenance, manages and performs maintenance for all district buildings. Building Maintenance employees work year 'round responding to district needs through well-planned preventive maintenance schedules and addressing site-generated work orders. All departments are led by master-level trades people who are responsible for ensuring all district buildings are maintained in accordance with applicable codes and regulations. 


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Contact Information

Assistant Director of Facilities
TBD | 970-490-3589 |

Matt Robbins | 970-490-3031 |

Brian Zimmerman | 970-490-3584 |

Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning
Steve Staab | 970-490-3565 |

John Gossman | 970-490-3423 |

Structural (Carpentry, Lock Shop & Paint)
Joe Oppenheimer | 970-490-3462 |

Theater Maintenance
Gregg Osterhout | 970-490-3362 |

Work Order Requests
Customer Support Center | 970-490-3333 |