Remote Learning and Tech Support

For students and families

If you don't have internet access in your home, see the PSD Internet Access web page for details about free or reduced-cost connectivity options.

Device troubleshooting, technical support and district software available this summer

Information Technology staff will continue to support students participating in remote learning during the summer. Students or families who need help troubleshooting laptop issues or who need other tech support may email

District-contracted applications, such as Big Ideas, Envision, Lexia, Wonder and others, are also available for students during the summer. Students can use these applications until integrations/rosters for 2020-21 are completed by Aug. 3. Clever ( will act as a portal to these applications for students. Some applications might have licensing expirations or vendor processes that could affect access.   

Technology guides, troubleshooting issues and FAQs
Managing multiple accounts image links to the how-to guide.

  • Getting started: Log into your computer: Press the power button and log in using your PSD username and password. If you have forgotten, it is located on the sheet taped to the lid of your laptop.




  • Troubleshooting technology issues:

    •  Try restarting your computer first.

    •  If you still need help, please work with your teacher. If you still have more questions after first working with your teacher or need additional assistance, please email

What if our family doesn't have internet access?

Information about free or reduced cost offers from service providers, rural internet resources and PSD vans with hot spots and the communities they serve is available on the Internet Access web page.


Why can't I see any websites?

Ensure you are connected to WiFi.Wifi icon

  1. Click on the WiFi icon in the bottom right-hand corner of the device and will say "Connected-secured."
  2. If WiFi isn't connected, click "Disconnect" and then click "Connect" again.
  3. If WiFi is connected, try accessing a different website such as the Poudre School District site at

How do I know if I am logged into Chrome?

Chrome icon


  1. Double-click on the Google Chrome icon, located on the desktop.Seeing your first initial when logging on.
  2. Look for your first initial in the upper right-hand corner and click it.  You will see your name if you are logged into Chrome. Great! If you aren’t seeing your PSD email, try the following steps.
  3. Click the Person Icon in the upper Right corner.
  4. Click “Sign in to Chrome”.
    Signing on image.
  5. Type the student’s email address in “Sign in” in Google Chrome. Click “Next”.
  6. Re-enter the student’s email address in “Sign in” on the page with an Apple and books.
  7. Click “Next”.
  8. Type the student’s password. Click the “Sign in” button.
  9. Click the “Don’t show this again” checkbox. Click “Yes.
  10. Click on “Yes, I’m in” button.

I'm having an issue with my mic and camera, what can I do?

  1. On some devices the F4 key is used to mute the built-in microphone. You would see a microphone and a white light on the F4 key. Clicking the F4 or Fn key + F4 will toggle the mic. If the white light is on, then the mic has been muted.
  2. To further troubleshoot the microphone and camera, type “Silverlight” in the Start menu where it says “Type here to search”. Click on the Microsoft Silverlight icon. Choose the Webcam/Mic tab. You will see if Video and Audio are working properly. 
  3. Check the Windows Privacy Settings by opening the Start Menu and clicking on the gear symbol. Choose ‘Privacy’ from the options and you will see several sections on the left side. Scroll down on the left side and choose the ‘Camera’ & ‘Microphone’ sections. Under each section, make sure the ‘Allow apps to access your camera/microphone’ is switched on.

How can I manage multiple PSD Google accounts?

How to manage multiple PSD Google accounts

The following information is available with step-by-step screenshots in this how-to guide from PSD Managing multiple accounts image that links to the how-to support.

This guide is intended for those with multiple PSD Google accounts. Examples could be a parent and student in the same household using the same device, or a teacher with children in the district who use the same device.  

You'll need to log into two things: Chrome, this is the Internet Browser itself, and, a website you navigate to using the address bar.  

1.    Make sure you are already logged into Chrome with the Primary account you wish to use.

2.    If not, log out all other accounts and sign in with the Primary account you wish to use.

3.    When ready, navigate to and sign in with your Primary account. 

4.    To add your other accounts, click on the Account Icon in the upper-right.

5.    Click on “+ Add”.

6.    Choose a descriptive name for the account, such as who it is for and where the account is from. 

7.    Select the checkbox if you want a shortcut on your Desktop. 

8.    Click the blue “Add” button.

9.    Click on “Already a Chrome User? Sign in”.

10.    Enter your full PSD email address.

11.    Click the “Next” button.

12.    Enter your full PSD email address once more. 

13.    Click “Continue”.

14.    Select “Link Data” . 

15.    Click “Yes, I’m in” to pull in your PSD information, such as bookmarks. 

16.    You’re all set! You can now click on the Chrome Account Icon in the upper-right and click on any new account you created to open up a new window just for that user. In this way all of the user’s cookies, bookmarks and permissions are kept separate. 

How can I install software at home?

Some students need access to specific software for classwork. The following information gives directions on how to use Software Center, an application on your computer, to Screenshot of the first page of the "How to install software guide."find and install software from home.

Step-by-step screenshots are also available in this how-to guide from PSD Technology Support. 

  1. Click the Start Menu in the bottom-left corner and then type “software center.”
  2. Select the “Software Center” app from the search results.
  3. Once Software Center is open, click in the search box for the application you would like to install.
  4. Click on the application icon you want and then “Install.”
  5. The application will now install automatically but may require a restart of the device to complete. These details and others are visible in the Application information. 
  6. Once the software install is complete, you will see the Install button has changed to “Uninstall.”
  7. You’re all set!  The Software you chose has been installed. 


Other remote learning questions

Are AP (Advanced Placement) tests still happening?

Yes.  Advanced Placement (AP) tests will be administered this spring. Read how they will be administered and the full announcement from CollegeBoard here.

PSAT and SAT school day tests information

Because school buildings across the state are closed, the spring 2020 school day administration of the PSAT and SAT assessments, originally scheduled for April 14 and April 28, are suspended. Because of the tests’ value to students for scholarships and college entrance, the Colorado Department of Education is working with College Board to generate possible solutions for a fall administration.

SAT Update for Current 11th Graders (12th graders next year)
Colorado seniors will be able to take the SAT test on a school day in the fall of 2020 for no cost under an agreement the Colorado Department of Education is pursuing with The College Board. To read the full release, visit CDE’s website here. 

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