Alternative Schools/Programs

Students learn in a variety of ways

PSD is dedicated to offering a variety of educational environments for students who may need a non-traditional setting. These non-traditional educational programs include alternative high schools featuring shorter terms called "hexters", an expulsion school for students who have been expelled, and a teen parenting program. PSD also offers homeschool and foreign exchange programs, as well as homebound services.


Alternative High Schools

Centennial High School

Centennial High School is a nationally recognized, exemplary alternative public school in Poudre School District. We feature a learning environment based on self-empowerment. Each year many school officials from around the nation come to visit our school. The Centennial model of education is now in place in 150+ schools and eight states.

Poudre Community Academy

Poudre Community Academy is an alternative school, serving grades 8-12, that provides students with a small supportive environment in a closed campus setting. Poudre Community Academy has a small pupil-teacher ratio and extra support staff, providing successful academic experiences through improved academic and social skills. Students have access to FRCC programs, dual enrollment opportunities on and off campus, athletics and other school activities. 


Pathways After Hours at Poudre High School

Pathways After Hours is a  program for students to earn high school credits in grades 9-12. Placement in the program requires a counselor or administrator's recommendation.  All coursework is self-paced and skills such as work ethic and consistent attendance are emphasized throughout the program.


GED at Poudre High School

The GED program is for anyone, age 17 or higher, in the community wanting to earn his or her GED. The class is free and there is scholarship money available to help with the testing fees.  The class is available on Monday -  Thursday, from 3:30 - 5:30 p.m. The GED program may be taken after the Pathways After Hours class if a traditional high school schedule is not feasible for the student.


Opportunities Unlimited at PHS and FCHS 

Opportunities Unlimited is a re-engagement program housed in both Poudre High School and Fort Collins High School, which caters to students who are off track for graduation or have dropped out of a high school in PSD. OU students are able to work towards their diploma (if the student has 30 credits or less to earn) or GED while concurrently enrolled in Front Range Community College courses. This three-semester program covers students' tuition, books, and GED costs if they earn a C or higher in FRCC courses. 

Program eligibility: Students listed in the PSD drop out statistics or students that are at risk of not completing the graduation requirements of 240 credits.

Contact Information

Centennial High School
Mike Roberts  |  970.488.4943  |

Anson Wilder | 970-488-6189 |

Opportunities Unlimited - Poudre High School
Kathleen McCormack | 970.488.6062 |

Opportunities Unlimited - Fort Collins High School
Alyssa Statz | 970.666.1352 |

Pathways After Hours
Jenny Dermyer | 970-488-6090

Poudre Community Academy/Journey Expulsion
Troy Krotz  |  970.490.3239  |

PSD Teen Parenting Program
Melissa Schaefer  | 970.490.3329 |