Alternative Schools/Programs

Boy in the gym with a basketball.

Poudre School District understands that students learn in a variety of ways and in diverse learning environments depending on their individual learning style, background and personal experiences.

With the mission of Educate Every Child, Every Day, PSD is dedicated to offering a variety of educational environments for students who may need a non-traditional setting. These non-traditional educational programs include alternative high schools featuring shorter terms called "hexters", an expulsion school for students who have been expelled, and a teen parenting program.


Contact Information

Centennial High School
Mike Roberts  |  970.488.4943  |

Poudre Community Academy/Journey Expulsion
Troy Krotz  |  970.490.3239  |

PSD Teen Parenting Program
Melissa Schaefer  | 970.490.3329 |

Opportunities Unlimited
Elizabeth "B" Lewis | 970.488.6176 |