Alternative Schools/Programs

PSD is dedicated to offering a variety of educational environments for students who may need a non-traditional setting. These non-traditional educational programs include alternative high schools featuring shorter terms called "hexters", an expulsion school for students who have been expelled, and a teen parenting program. PSD also offers homeschool program, as well as homebound services.


Centennial High School

Centennial High School serves high school students who are looking for a change, are interested in a different approach to school and a path toward graduation that includes small classes, inclusive culture and a focus on personal accountability. CHS is a small, student-centered, diploma-focused, alternative high school with an approach grounded in the core values of relationships, high expectations and personal accountability. For more information about CHS and to hear student perspectives, watch the CHS new student orientation video on YouTube.


Poudre Community Academy

Poudre Community Academy is an alternative school, serving grades 8-12, that provides students with a small supportive environment in a closed campus setting. Poudre Community Academy has a small pupil-teacher ratio and extra support staff, providing successful academic experiences through improved academic and social skills. Students have access to FRCC programs, dual enrollment opportunities on and off campus, athletics and other school activities.


Pathways After Hours at Poudre High School

Pathways After Hours is a  program for students to earn high school credits in grades 9-12. Placement in the program requires a counselor or administrator's recommendation.  All coursework is self-paced and skills such as work ethic and consistent attendance are emphasized throughout the program.


HiSet (GED) at Poudre High School

The HiSET (GED) program is for anyone, age 17 or higher, in the community wanting to earn his or her HiSET diploma. The class is available Monday-Thursday, from 2:30 p.m.-3:45 p.m.. Please contact the program director, Katie Poynter, for more information.  


Opportunities Unlimited at PHS

Opportunities Unlimited is a re-engagement program housed in Poudre High School, which caters to students who are off track for graduation or have dropped out of a high school in PSD. OU students work towards their diploma (if the student has 30 credits or less to earn) or HiSET (GED). After one semester of the program, if students are deemed to be college ready, they may choose to concurrently enroll in Front Range Community College courses. For OU students that are concurrently enrolled, the program will cover the cost of tuition at FRCC until the student turns 21 years old. 
Program eligibility: Students ages 17-20 who at risk of not completing the graduation requirements of 240 credits.

Contact Information

Centennial High School
Kyle Stack |  970.488.4943  |

HiSet (GED) and Opportunities Unlimited - Poudre High School
Katie Poynter | 970.203.5670 |

Pathways After Hours
Jenny Dermyer | 970-488-6090

Poudre Community Academy/Journey Expulsion
Danielle Hir and Lucas Riojas  |  970.490.3295 | and 

PSD Teen Parenting Program
Melissa Schaefer  | 970.490.3329 |