Employee Assistance Services (EAS)


EAS provides 24/7 crisis response.

Please call:

970-488-4925, ext. 1


All of us need help once in a while

Home, health, and life pressures can spill over into work - just as work issues can affect personal relationships. When pressures add up, we can all benefit from talking things over with an experienced, A happy family.licensed professional who can help guide us to effective solutions.

Poudre School District Employee Assistance Services (EAS) helps PSD employees and their eligible household family members cope with the demands and stresses of life. EAS assists with problem-solving strategies and mental health/substance abuse counseling services, offering a safe place for employees to solve personal issues and move forward in a positive, healthy manner. 


  • Each individual is offered five sessions per problem, per plan year.
  • You do not need to have PSD health insurance to use EAS
  • EAS counseling services are FREE to you or your dependent family members
  • EAS counseling services are always voluntary and confidential.

EAS can help address issues including, but not limited to: 

  • Balancing work and life
  • Marriage and family issues
  • Parenting
  • Eldercare
  • Job-related concerns
  • Change and transitions
  • Loss and grief
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Stress
  • Substance abuse
  • Mental health/substance abuse medically certified absences

In addition to the five free sessions, participants of PSD's PPO1 or PPO2 health plans are eligible for mental health/substance abuse benefits, which are administered through EAS. Those wishing to use network benefits will receive assessment, treatment planning, care coordination, and referral authorizations to the EAS network providers who best meets your needs.


How do I make an appointment?

Please call 970-488-4925.  We will ask you for basic demographic information necessary to set up the appointment. If you have used EAS services within the last 90 days and we have your current demographic information, you may email EAS@psdschools.org to schedule an appointment. 

Please do not email or call the clinicians directly for appointment related issues as they do not always have access to the most current working schedule.

Teletherapy/video counseling sessions

EAS is offering teletherapy/video-counseling sessions to staff and eligible family members.  Please call EAS at (970) 488-4925 if you would like to make an appointment.  

See more mental health resources and tips to assist you during the health crisis on the COVID-19 Mental Health Resources web page. 

Contact Information

EAS phone: 970.488-4925 | Fax: 970.488.4933 | eas@psdschools.org

Location (Map):
2850 McClelland Drive, Suite 2200 
Fort Collins, CO  80525

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Primary Contact /Administrative Office Assistant
Cierra Ortiz | 970.488-4925 (phone) | 970.488.4933 (fax) | EAS@psdschools.org

EAS Specialist (benefits/claims)
Cheryl Albaugh | 970.488-4925 (phone) | 970.488.4933 (fax) | EAS@psdschools.org

Barb Fisher, EAS Manager and Counselor
Kathy Forrest, EAS Counselor
Renee Gilkey, EAS Counselor
Corie Helms, EAS Counselor