Homebound Services

Maintaining Continuity

Homebound instruction maintains educational continuity for students who, because of medical or mental health issues, cannot attend school for more than three weeks. Homebound instruction is not used in lieu of the student's normal educational placement. For students who are eligible to receive special education services and who may require homebound services, an IEP (Individual Education plan) team will determine whether homebound instruction is appropriate.

Prior to applying for homebound services, the school and family will make every effort to accommodate the student's situation to allow the student to remain in the classroom. 

Homebound is a temporary service and should not be considered a replacement of school or classroom instruction.


Homebound Guidelines

Apply for Homebound Services at your student's school

  • The parent must provide the school with a medical letter or completed PSD Homebound Medical Statement form, as well as a completed Authorization for Disclosure of Protected Health Information form. (Forms are available from the school.)
  • Students should attend school as much as possible until the application is processed.
  • A doctor's recommendation does not guarantee homebound services and should not be used to stop attending school.

Applications are reviewed to determine eligibility of services.

  • PSD staff (school nurses and/or mental health staff) contact medical providers for clarification and planning purposes.
  • Approved applications may be conditional on length and location of service.
  • Protocol for cases involving depression and/or anxiety is for services to take place at school or in a public setting. These cases include a timeline for transitioning back into the classroom.


Homebound tutors are assigned by the district Homebound Coordinator and are based on caseload, availability, and educational background.

  • Tutors will assist with all subjects as time allows, but may not be certified in all content areas.
  • Tutor assignments are not changed for personality conflicts or compatibility concerns.
  • Meeting times and location of services is agreed on between the family and the tutor unless specified by the Homebound Coordinator.
  • If services are provided at home, an adult family member must be present at all times.
  • Repeated cancellations, no shows, or uncooperative behavior by the student can result in services being terminated.
  • Since students meet no more than two hours a day with the tutor, they are expected to complete homework on their own time.
  • Efforts may be made to make up missed tutoring time due to unforeseen circumstances. However, the approved number of case hours cannot be "banked" for later use.

Contact Information

Homebound Coordinator
Whitney Bennett-Clear | 970-490-3224 | wbennettclear@psdschools.org