Looking forward to the new school year and building on successes

After 25 years of work in some of the nation’s largest school systems, I can confidently say that Poudre School District is one of the strongest in America. This is what our community expects, and our students deserve. And at a time when it may feel like it’s hard to find things people agree upon, I think having high expectations – of our school system and students – is something we can all get behind. 

Superintendent Brian KingsleyWith the approach of the 2023-24 school year – my third as your proud superintendent – I am reflective of what I have heard from hundreds of PSD students, staff, parents and community members. We want our students to have a better school experience than we did. We want them to be happy and connect with people who see and celebrate them for who they are, and we want them to be as prepared as possible for the real world. 

Public education is one of the most powerful systems for driving positive change in our society. I am proud to work alongside my colleagues every day in PSD to ensure that every child in our community receives an engaging and high-quality education. I’m also excited to continue building upon our past successes, many of which surprise folks when they hear these for the first time:  

  • Our students consistently outperform students across the state in all subject areas, and our scores rival many districts nationwide. The state recognized 15 PSD schools for outstanding test performance and growth this past year. 
  • About two in three PSD graduates earn college credit while in high school, saving families millions of dollars in tuition.  Our seniors have also received numerous recognitions for their academic achievements, talents, and innovative ideas. In 2023, we had one Boettcher Scholarship recipient, two Daniels Fund Scholarship recipients, eight National Merit scholars, 21 National Hispanic scholars, and our graduates got acceptance letters from many of America’s highly competitive colleges, universities, and military institutions. Not to mention, our students go on to earn a higher GPA in their first year of college than many of their peers across the region. 
  • From those with a focus on International Baccalaureate and bilingual education to Core Knowledge and STEM, PSD has a school where your child belongs. Students can also explore careers within dozens of pathways beginning in middle school, as well as connect with industry professionals and learn key skills through workplace tours, mentorships, apprenticeships, internships and more. What’s better than earning high school credit, money and experience at the same time? Learn more on the PSD Future Ready website.>> 

Students who are connected to trusted adults, peers and their passions do better. PSD has dozens of state, national and international award-winning athletics, performing arts and extracurricular teams. Want to Nordic ski, design theater costumes, program robots or author a business proposal? Yep, your student can do that and so much more.  

A free, public education is nothing short of life changing. It is through an individualized, high-quality and rigorous experience that our students are challenged and empowered to achieve freedom, agency and economic mobility. That's why so many of us have committed our lives to this heart-centered work. We are part of something bigger than ourselves, something profoundly transformational.  

On behalf of our entire team at PSD, I thank you for the opportunity to serve your students and your communities. Please enjoy the rest of summer, and we look forward to continuing our partnership in the new school year. 

With appreciation,  


Brian Kingsley