PSD survey about potential new school start, end times for 2024-25

The Poudre School District Board of Education is considering changes to school start and end times for the 2024-25 school year; the changes will not go into effect this school year.

Board members are seeking input about start and end times. PSD staff, parents and guardians, and community members are encouraged to take this survey, open through Wednesday, Feb. 21. 

Two scenarios presented to the board at Tuesday’s business meeting would help PSD busing become more efficient.  

One-third of PSD students ride a bus to school, and some of them would not be able to get to school at all, if not for PSD transportation services. In the face of ongoing, significant bus driver shortages, PSD may not be able to continue busing students the way it does now if systemic changes aren't made. We also know it can be difficult for families to adjust to new bell schedules for many reasons.  

  • Scenario A would shift bell times at 30 schools by five minutes or more (the other 19 schools have NO shift in start or dismissal times). School start and dismissal times would shift by: 
    • 5-10 minutes at 10 schools 
    • 11-20 minutes at 14 schools 
    • More than 20 minutes at six schools 
    • See bell times for each school: Scenario A | Español Scenario A
  • Scenario B is like the first scenario, except most schools would start five minutes later than the proposed times in Scenario A, with dismissal times five minutes later as well. Compared to current school hours, school start and dismissal times would shift by: 
    • 5-10 minutes at 27 schools 
    • 11-20 minutes at 19 schools 
    • More than 20 minutes at three schools 
    • See bell times for each school: Scenario B | Español Scenario B

The board values your feedback and encourages you to take this survey about these two scenarios. Board members will review survey results and information presented at the Feb. 6, 2024, meeting. They will vote on potential start and end time changes at their March 6 meeting.