Addressing questions, concerns and misinformation about PSD school consolidations, boundary changes

As Poudre School District is engaged in Long-Range Planning work – involving boundary adjustments, school consolidations, and educational program changes – our community can get information from many different sources. This is, in many ways, a good thing. It shows that people are engaged and invested in this complex and important topic, and they are seeking and sharing varying perspectives.  

On the flip side, things can get lost in the mix. There's a lot to track and digest, and it can become difficult to figure out what’s fact or fiction. 

Continuing to provide clear and accurate communications throughout this process, we are addressing common questions and concerns, rumors and, in some cases, disinformation that is circulating throughout our communities.

To help, we have put together a list of items that have come up in the community and the district’s responses, separated by category for your convenience. Follow this link to the new page on the Long-Range Planning web section.>>