Thank you and congratulations to PSD staff retiring

Congratulations to each of the 80 staff members retiring this year! We wish them the best with their future endeavors. Thank you all for sharing your time and talent with students and staff in Poudre School District!



  • Monty Alcaraz, Fort Collins High, Teacher
  • Joalie Alldredge, Rice Elementary, Teacher
  • Keith Aragon, Fort Collins High, Teacher
  • Deanna Ballantine, Preston Middle School, Music Para
  • Rosella Barella, Werner Elementary, Instructional Para
  • Shelly Barnes, Linton Elementary, Teacher
  • Vickie Beaver, Dunn Elementary, Child Nutrition Manager
  • Joan Belleau, Tavelli Elementary, Para
  • Kristine Bibbey, Poudre High, Teacher
  • Karol Bonham, Eyestone Elementary, Instructional Para
  • Lisa Brose, Dunn Elementary, Teacher



  • Stephanie Campbell, Kinard Middle School, School Secretary
  • Edward Carpenter Jr,  Information Systems, Tech Support Spec I
  • Mary Carter, Kruse Elementary, Interventionist
  • Rebecca Chavez, Preston Middle School, Registrar
  • Markay Cosper, Integrated Services, Board Certified Behavior Analyst
  • Paula Crownover, Rocky Mountain High, Child Nutrition Team Member
  • Karen Daugaard, Fossil Ridge High, Teacher
  • Pamela Davenport, Olander Elementary, Teacher
  • Pamela Devoe, Polaris Expeditionary, School Office Manager
  • Dawn Donahue, Professional Learning, Teaching Learning Facilitator
  • Karen Downing, Lesher Middle School, Registrar
  • Maureen Dunphy, O'Dea Elementary, Para Integrated Services II
  • Laura Ecton, Poudre High School, Teacher
  • George Epstein, Custodial, Custodian
  • Jennifer Gessaman, Webber Middle, Teacher
  • Linda Graham, Child Nutrition, Office Manager
  • Martha Granados, Putnam Elementary, Child Nutrition Team Member
  • Lorna Green, Boltz Middle School, School Secretary
  • Sandi Gronstal, Laurel Elementary, Intervention Title 1Thank you, PSD retirees!



  • Elizabeth Hale, Fort Collins High, School Secretary
  • Sharalyn Hansen, Zach Elementary, Teacher
  • Lisa Harter, Bacon Elementary, Teacher
  • Brenda Hernandez, Irish Elementary, Teacher
  • Thomas Hicks, Webber Middle School, Counselor
  • Cori Hixon-Cunningham, Poudre High, Assistant Principal
  • Sarah Hufnagel, Shepardson Elementary, Teacher
  • Jean Johnson, Preston Middle School, Teacher
  • Judi Kapperman, Bauder Elementary, Child Nutrition Team Member
  • Elsa Keys, Bennett Elementary, Teacher, ELD
  • Patrick Kind, Lopez Elementary, Principal
  • Susan Klock, Kinard Middle School, Registrar
  • Jerry Kreisher, Centennial High, Teacher
  • Diane Kucera, Laurel Elementary, Teacher, ELD



  • Bruce LaBarr, Transportation, Route Planner Lead
  • Richard LaFerriere, Transportation, Bus Operator
  • Kimberly Lovett Noel, Professional Learning, Teaching Learning Facilitator
  • Margaret Lundeby, Traut Core Knowledge, Media Specialist
  • Catherine Martin, Lopez Elementary, Teacher
  • Kim Michener-Emami, Olander Elementary, Teacher
  • Jennifer Morris, Bamford Elementary, Instructional Para
  • Nikki Mosley, CLP Elementary, Teacher
  • Michael Mosley, Cache La Poudre Elementary, Teacher
  • Tamra Newman, Kruse Elementary, School Secretary
  • Thomas Noel, Polaris, Teacher
  • Jonie Nordhausen, Irish Elementary, Teacher



  • John Passantino, Curriculum, Director of Curriculum and Instruction
  • Diane Porter, Bauder Elementary/Webber Middle, Intervention Title 1
  • Dennis Rastatter, Integrated Services, Executive Director of Integrated Services
  • Shawna Reger, Bauder Elementary, Teacher
  • Rhonda Robinson, Eyestone Elementary, Custodian
  • Jennifer Roper, Rocky Mountain High, Teacher
  • Krista Rose, Polaris Expeditionary, Custodian
  • Robert Roth, Student Services, Threat Assessment Student Safety Coordinator
  • Jeffrey Rowan, Information Systems, Network Engineer II



  • Rigina Shimpa, Bamford Elementary, School Office Manager
  • Bonny Shuman, Poudre Global Academy, Teacher, IS
  • Elizabeth Stafford-Mitchell, Zach Elementary, Teacher
  • Michael Steinle, Fort Collins High, Teacher
  • Lisa  Steketee, Rice Elementary, Teacher
  • Patti Stout, Student Services, Program Specialist Truancy
  • Deborah Swartz, Warehouse, Science Resource Tech
  • Deborah Taylor, Dunn Elementary, Teacher


  • Cynthia Ufer, Werner Elementary, Teacher
  • Robert Ufer, Rocky Mountain High, Teacher
  • Elsabe VanNiewenhuizen, Tavelli Elementary, Tutor
  • Kim Wallace, Rice Elementary, Instructional Para
  • Leslie Wells, Traut Core Knowledge, Teacher
  • Derek Widmier, Rocky Mountain High, Teacher