Facility Services

For emergencies or questions about district buildings, call 490-3333 

Facility Services coordinates the district's facilities maintenance program and is comprised of Building Maintenance, Custodial Services, Customer Support Center, Energy & Environmental Management, and Outdoor Services. Facility Services operates at an optimal level of efficiency and effectiveness so that all school and support sites are maintained at a functional, comfortable level, providing a safe and healthy environment for staff and students.

Facility Services maintains over 4 million square feet in 73 district buildings sitting on 965 acres: 32 elementary schools, 10 middle schools, 6 high schools, 1 district stadium, 3 other school program sites (early childhood, alternative), 33 portable classrooms, 21 other structures housing administrative and support functions, and 5 storage and covered parking structures. In addition, staff maintain 342 acres of irrigated turf.

General information:


Project Proposals

In support of district policy EC – Property Management, project proposal forms will be required for any material change in the intended use of District buildings or grounds, and for projects requiring the management of multiple trades and/or a permit from a regulatory agency.

To begin the project proposal process submit an estimate work order to operational services in SchoolDude and submit the form below to facilities@psdschools.org. Submit any supporting documentation (i.e. drawings, photos) along with the completed form.

Please note, completing this form is not assurance that the project will receive approval.

Questions? Contact Facility Services at 490-3544 or facilities@psdschools.org.


Agricultural Land Leases

Agricultural Land Available for Lease

  • Cherry Heights Site: located at the southeast corner of the curve along State Highway 1 and County Road 15, approximately 3.75 miles north of the Highway 1 and North College Ave intersection. The parcel is approximately 35 acres of non-irrigated pastureland
  • Mountain Vista Site: located at the northwest corner of Mountain Vista Drive and North Timberline Road. The parcel is approximately 100 acres, 57 of which can be irrigated (pivot must be provided by lesee). Land is available to lease end of April 2022 through August 2022

Agricultural Land Lease Process

Information detailing the District's agricultural land lease process can be found here.

Competitive Bid Process and Applications

Competitive bid applications must be received no later than 4:00 p.m. on October 29, 2021 with the following requirements:

Fully completed applications can be submitted electronically to Poudre School District at facilities@psdschools.org or delivered to the Operations Center at 2445 LaPorte Avenue, Fort Collins, CO 80521.


Questions? Contact Poudre School District Operations at (970) 490-3080 or facilities@psdschools.org


Contact Information

Facility Services Manager
Palmer Withrow | 970.490.3589 | pwithrow@psdschools.org

Office Manager
Poscha McDougall | 970.490.3544 | pmcdougall@psdschools.org