Early Childhood

Fullana Learning Center
220 N. Grant Avenue
Fort Collins, CO 80521
Primary Contact:
Primary Phone:
(970) 490-3204

Key Contacts

Title Point of Contact Phone Email
Director of Early Childhood Education Carolyn Martin 490-3195 carolynm@psdschools.org
Assistant Director, Early Childhood Corinne Van Dyke 490-3052 cvandyke@psdschools.org
Early Learning Support Coordinator Ann Fenton 490-3082 anfenton@psdschools.org
Quality Data Technician Sharon Weaver 490-3036 sharonw@psdschools.org
Enrollment Coordinator Jessica Knight 490-3117 jknight@psdschools.org
PreK-12 Health and Dental Coordinator Nancy Weber 490-3388 nweber@psdschools.org
Parent, Family and Community Engagement Coordinator Nikki Arensmeier 490-3188 earensme@psdschools.org
Disabilities/MTSS Coordinator Trish Stanczyk 490-3092 pstanczyk@psdschools.org
Colorado Preschool Program Coordinator Rebecca Browning-Floyd 490-3102 rbrownin@psdschools.org
Office Manager Teresa Finnerty 490-3360 tfinnert@psdschools.org
Child Find Specialist Jane Haack-DeBroux 490-3040 jhaackde@psdschools.org