All-Day Kindergarten and FAQs

Free All-Day Kindergarten Available

Free all-day kindergarten is available to families in Poudre School District. 

Before the 2019-20 school year, PSD families paid tuition for all-day kindergarten because state funding did not cover all of the costs for full-day kindergarten programs. PSD's half-day kindergarten programs have always been free. 

With the passage of House Bill 1262, Colorado now funds students enrolled in full-day kindergarten at the same amount as students enrolled full-time in other grades. This allows Colorado school districts to offer free all-day kindergarten. Previously, Colorado funded kindergarten students at 58% of the rate that it paid for older students, which was not enough to cover all costs related to full-day kindergarten.

For more information see the "Frequently Asked Questions" below or contact your school. 

Preguntas frecuentes sobre kínder de todo el día 

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What’s the story with Colorado’s all-day kindergarten programs? I’ve lived in other states, and kindergarten has always been free.

Under previous law, the State of Colorado’s school finance formula funded kindergarten students at 58 percent of the rate that it paid for older students. This was not enough to cover the costs of tuition-free, all-day kindergarten. Colorado’s 178 school districts could choose to offer half-day kindergarten or make up the difference by charging tuition or using other funds. PSD’s half-day programs were historically free, and the District charged tuition for full-day programs. With the May 2019 passage of House Bill 1262, the state will now fund a student enrolled in a full-day kindergarten program at the same amount as students enrolled full-time in other grades. Statewide funding of all-day kindergarten was one of Colorado Gov. Jared Polis’ earliest campaign promises.

Are half-day programs still be an option for families?

Yes, some schools do have half-day options. Please contact your neighborhood school about this option. 

Previously I had to be approved for a fee waiver for full-day kindergarten tuition. I have another child who will be in full-day kindergarten next year and my financial situation hasn't changed. Do I have to go through that application process again?

No. All parents and guardians, regardless of economic status, will be able to enroll their child in PSD’s all-day kindergarten (or half-day, if you choose) programs free of charge. Families should still plan to fill out a free and reduced meal application and the District’s Permission to Share Information for Fee/Charge Waivers form to be eligible for free-and-reduced meals, as well as additional fee waivers in PSD. For more information visit www.psdschools/fees.

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