PSD's Strategic Plan

Working Together to Help Students Succeed


Our vision: To support and inspire every child to think, to learn, to care, and to graduate prepared to be successful in a changing world.

Our mission: Educate...Every Child, Every Day

In Poudre School District, we are creating a strategic plan to guide our work that will enhance the experiences, opportunities and outcomes for all students. The strategic plan, which will be developed in partnership with the entire PSD community, will be our roadmap for the next several years and focuses on four priorities: literacy, mental health and belonging, graduating with options, and school safety.

Our data show there are great things happening in PSD but that there are not yet great outcomes for all students. With a strategic plan to help guide us, we believe we can best support learning for all by better aligning practices across our school district. See the Strategic Plan introduction by Superintendent Kingsley.>>

We invited our community to guide the development of PSD’s Strategic Plan (see the DRAFT | Español Strategic Plan DRAFT |  عربي Strategic Plan DRAFT ) at a series of community engagement sessions. 

We are currently planning to release the final Strategic Plan sometime in the first quarter of 2023. 


Strategic Plan Feedback and Survey

We updated PSD’s strategic plan framework based on what you shared during the fall community engagement sessions. A survey (available in English, Spanish and Arabic) was also held last fall through mid-December, giving adults in our community an opportunity to share their thoughts. 

Students in grades 4-12 could also take a student-specific voluntary survey on the draft strategic plan during the school day before Dec. 11, 2022. This was a chance for students to tell us what they think about our four priority areas (literacy, mental health and belonging, graduation with options, and safety), the goals within each of these areas, and the strategies we anticipate using to accomplish those goals. 


Board of Education Updates

Past updates:


We are excited to work with you on this plan this year. Together, we can support and guide our students toward successes in PSD and beyond. 

If you have specific questions regarding the engagement sessions or feedback, contact Brett Larsen, Director of Special Projects and Initiatives. 


PSD's four priorities are:




Mental Health and Belonging



Graduate with Options