Operating Principles

Poudre School District staff focuses on helping all students learn in an environment based on these operating principles:

  • Operating with Integrity:  We commit to being person of our word whose action are aligned with the language we use. Out of this foundational principle will come an atmosphere where we respectfully honor the truth that each of us brings to any endeavor.
  • Committed to Continuous Quality Learning:  Every member of our school community, in everything we do, will focus on increasing student and staff learning and growth. We will continuously define our goals and expectations and help one another be accountable so that we can be stewards of education at all levels.
  • Trust through Openness: We will presume the good intentions of others and honor speaking the truth from our hearts and minds so that we can create a culture of openness for honest input and creative ideas.
  • Courageous Action: Ethics and integrity will guide our actions even when the serious issues must be faced. With courageous actions, we will rise above mediocrity, chaos or isolation. We will support one another's courageous actions in an environment that embraces thoughtful risk-taking.
  • Inclusive of all Stakeholders: We value all voices; our collective wisdom is greater than individual wisdom. People do their best work when they feel valued and connected, and we are all made stronger by each of our successes. We will continuously work to create a climate that values diverse thinking, mutual respect and working as a team for the betterment of the whole organization.
  • Joyful in our Work: We strive to cultivate the human spirit and to care about staff and student feelings. We dedicate ourselves to provide inspiration and support for each other, to be non-judgmental, and to be genuine. Enjoying our work, taking the time to laugh, and having fun are important to us and will provide continual rejuvenation. Joyfulness promotes personal and organizational health and generates more opportunities for success.