Information Technology

Providing Technical Support and Training for Students and Staff

What We Do

We strive to provide an expansive, fast and reliable network to enable students, teachers and administrators to effectively leverage technology in the classroom and throughout the district. We provide year-round technical support, maintenance, and training for school and district employees. Through yearly and long-term initiatives to update, enhance, and adopt new technologies, Poudre School District offers cutting-edge services, ensuring the continued success of its mission to Educate Every Child, Every Day. 

By the Numbers

40,000 IT tickets closed, 3,500 individual wifi access points, 38,000 staff and student computers, 67,000 tracked technology assets, one million rows of data sent to CDE and US Department of Education, 15,000 support calls.


Our Teams

Infrastructure and Technical Systems

  • Systems administration
  • Network administration
  • Data and voice communications
  • Asset management
  • School/Site technical support


Software Development and Support

  • Software development
  • District technical support
  • Applications support
  • Data analysis
  • Technology training


Technical Architecture and Planning

  • Enterprise architecture
  • Database administration
  • Project coordination

Our Values

​Information assurance: Stewardship of technology resources ensuring confidentiality, integrity, availability, and compliance.

Diversity and creativity: Promote an environment of ethnic, cultural, and individual diversity that encourages creativity and innovation in technology services and solutions.

Teamwork: Efficient, respectful, and open interaction with colleagues across PSD.

Customer focus: Partner with our customers to provide technology services and solutions that enable a seamless and consistent user experience across PSD.

Shared governance: Inclusive, fiscally responsible decision-making aligned with the goals of PSD.

Excellence: Recruit and develop talented staff and implement quality systems that meet the high standards expected by educational, operational, workforce, and community partnerships.

Transparency: Communicate and operate in an open manner providing insight and visibility into decisions and results.

Responsibility: Maintain ethical behavior, pride, ownership, and accountability for our work and actions​​.  

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Contact Information

If your student has technology-related issues,
visit the Community Tech Portal, or contact your school.