Mental/Behavioral Health and Substance Abuse Benefits


alt=""EAS services are free of charge, do not require PSD health insurance, and are available to all employees* and their eligible household family members. Each individual is offered up to five EAS sessions per problem, per plan year. 

If you are looking for services for your child, please know that EAS only works with children age 12 and older.  For younger children, EAS will provide a referral (if you are benefited) or a recommendation (if you are not benefited) to the appropriate community providers to meet the needs of your family.

EAS is located off-site from other district buildings or programs for confidentiality. 

In addition to the free visits at EAS, members of PSD's PPO-1 and PPO-2 health plans are eligible for PSD Mental/Behavioral Health and Substance Abuse Benefits, which are administered through EAS. Those wishing to use network benefits will receive assistance from EAS in treatment planning, care coordination, and referrals to EAS providers who best meet your needs. 

Quick glance: PSD Mental/Behavioral Health and Substance Abuse benefits

Network reimbursement occurs when EAS assists you with an assessment and referral to a network provider.  All Mental/Behavioral Health and Substance Abuse providers, both network and non-network, must hold appropriate licensure within their state of practice to be eligible for benefits reimbursement.  For inpatient treatment, you must pre-certify through EAS and use an approved network facility/provider for any services to be eligible for benefits reimbursement.


 Plan benefits and exclusions

Please refer to the Mental/Behavioral Health and Substance Abuse Schedule of Benefits section of these PSD health plan documents for a description of benefits and exclusions: 


*Temporary employees and substitutes are not eligible for EAS (unless it is a long-term, contracted placement).

Contact Information

EAS phone: 970.488-4925 | Fax: 970.488.4933 |

Location (Map)
2850 McClelland Drive, Suite 2200 
Fort Collins, CO  80525

Primary Contact /Administrative Office Assistant
Cierra Ortiz | 970.488-4925 (phone) | 970.488.4933 (fax) |

EAS Specialist (benefits/claims)
Cheryl Albaugh | 970.488-4925 (phone) | 970.488.4933 (fax) |

Barb Fisher, EAS Manager and Counselor
Kathy Forrest, EAS Counselor
Renee Gilkey, EAS Counselor
Corie Helms, EAS Counselor