Special Education Advisory Committee (SEAC)

Promoting Home and School Partnerships

As a family of a child with a disability, you have access to events and resources offered through the Special Education Advisory Committee. SEAC represents students with disabilities and advises on special education topics, promoting partnerships between home, school, and community to support the education of all students.

SEAC goals:

  • Support Integrated Services sponsored parent engagement opportunities.
  • Advise on topics presented by families, community members, and school staff.
  • Include family/staff representation from each PSD school.


2020-21 SEAC committee members: 

Members of the committee are selected annually at the beginning of each school year.  Meetings are working groups and are not open to the public.  If you have ideas or public comments to share with the committee please send them to SEAC Coordinator, Heidi Graber:  hgraber@psdschools.org or 970-490-2335  and they will be presented at the next meeting.

Parents:   PSD Teacher:
Tamara Keefe – Elem Carrie Calhoon - Early Childhood
Erin Camper – Elem  Michael Woodruff - Transition Teacher
Chanda Elkins - Elem Kristen Zuieback - Elem Gen Ed Teacher
Darlene Prickett - Elem  
Matthew Hitt - Elem  
Jeneen Veins – Elem PSD School Administration:
Stephanie Sumulong - MS Julie Chaplain - HS Principal
Ashley Lopatowski - MS Joe Horky – Elem Principal
Bryan Fain- MS  
Cindy Wesley - HS  
Heather Alderman - HS Community Members:
  Carisa Clinton - City of Fort Collins
  Amy Baca - Foothills Gateway
PSD District Administration: Jessica Dugan - Disabled Resource Services
Sarah Belleau - Director  
Nick Smosna- Assistant Director  
  SEAC Coordinator:
  Heidi Graber - Parent Liaison


Meeting agendas:

March 11,2021 Agenda

January 14, 2021 Agenda                    Action Letter

November 5,2020 Agenda                   Action Letter

March 26,2020 Agenda                       Cancelled

February 20, 2020 Agenda

December 5,2019 Agenda                   Action Letter

October 24, 2019  Agenda                   Action Letter


 For more information about SEAC, contact the Parent Liaison at 970-490-3225.