Wellness Advisory Council for Schools

WACS Supports, Promotes PSD's Wellness Vision

The Wellness Advisory Council for Schools (WACS) supports and promotes PSD's wellness vision and goals by encouraging student wellness through the Wellness policy and the District Ends Foundation for Success. WACS advises the superintendent, Wellness Department, and the Board of Education on wellness issues in the district.

Meetings are usually held the third Monday of the month from 4 - 5:30 p.m. at the PSD Partnership Center, 1630 South Stover Street. No meetings are held in June, July, and August. 


Committee members needed!

PSD is looking for community members, parents/guardians and staff to serve on the WACS. Members needed include:

  • Community Member
  • Middle School Parent
  • High School Parent
  • School-based Licensed PE/Health Staff Member
  • Secondary School-based Licensed Staff Member
  • Elementary School Administrator
  • Secondary School Administrator
  • High School Student (2)

For more information, email lhooten@psdschools.org


Current members:

Members are made up of community members, parents, students and selected by application. Members serve two years, except for students who serve one. The committee also includes standing or appointed members based on their position in the district or community. 

Current members include:

  • Brian Butki, CSU Professsor Health and Exercise Science 
  • Chad Morris, Director of Behavioral Health & Wellness, University of Colorado
  • Averil Strand, Community Health Director Larimer County Department Public Health and Environment 
  • Bryce Drehle-Ewan, Polaris student
  • Kailey Minks, student
  • Jonathan Crozier, Dunn Elementary 
  • Rachel Olbrys, Olander Elementary 
  • Kelly Glick, Rocky High School 
  • Aisha Thomas, Principal, Zach Elementary School
  • Brett Larsen, Principal, Boltz Middle School 
  • Abbey Seufer, elementary parent
  • Kori Wilford, middle school parent
  • Mandi Baxter, high school parent
  • Amanda Brantley, PSD Wellness Coordinator (Co-Chair - standing member)
  • Craig Schneider, PSD Child Nutrition Director (standing member)
  • Bernard Birnbaum, Standing Physician in Community (appointed)
  • Melanie Voegeli-Morris, PSD Mental Health and Prevention Coordinator (standing member)
  • Nancy Weber, PSD Health Service Coordinator (standing member (standing member)
  • DeeDee Wright, PSD Curriculum & Instruction Facilitator, Science and Health (standing member)
  • Laurie Zenner, Healthy Kids Club Manager, Healthy Kids Club (appointed)


 WACS includes: 

  • (3) Members of the PSD community at-large with background/experience in health/wellness
  • (3) Parents of PSD students (1 elementary, 1 middle school, 1 high school)
  • (1) Elementary School-Based Licensed Staff Member
  • (1) Secondary School-Based Licensed Staff Member
  • (1) School-Based Licensed PE/Health Staff Member
  • (1) Member of the PSD School Administrative Team (Secondary Administrator)
  • (1) Member of the PSD School Administrative Team (Elementary Administrator)
  • (2) High School students

Contact Information

Wellness Coordinator
Amanda Brantley | 970.490.3074 | abrantle@psdschools.org