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Welcome to PSD Share It!, a business resource and volunteering database uniting business, community, parents, and education to enhance teaching and improve learning.

For information on registering as a business partner, contact Beth Higgins, PSD Partnership Coordinator,  (970) 490-3208 or


Business/Organization Offers   PSD Staff Requests

Create offers to share your business expertise or resources with students. 

Possible offers:

  • Provide internships, mentors & job shadowing
  • Guest speak/presentations
  • Provide training & externships for teachers
  • Host field trips

Current requests from PSD staff


PSD staff may submit requests for businesses to share expertise, experience, or resources with students.

Request ideas:

  • Guest speakers/programs
  • Training & externships for teachers
  • Field trips
  • Supplies/equipment

Current business/organization offers