Grants Office (Community Information)

The PSD Grants Office supports staff in finding and obtaining funds for projects that forward school district and school site objectives.

The Grants Office serves as a communication link within the district and among partners working on grant proposals. Communication is also necessary in order to inform the Board of Education and the superintendent about large proposals and their implications for the district as to coordinate appropriate channels of approval. In addition, the Grants Office facilitates partnerships with other community agencies, acting as a link within the district and among partners. Communication and collaboration increase possibilities for partnerships and guard against unnecessary duplication.

Requests for Letters of Support and Commitment for Grants 
PSD partners with institutions and agencies in our community on grant projects of mutual interest. If you need a letter, please contact Stacy Poncelow, grants coordinator.


PSD Staff: Please see the internal Grants Offices webpage for information about the grant approval process, applying for a grant and support for your program funding needs.

Contact Information

Grants Coordinator
Stacy Poncelow | 970.490.3658 |