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Details of Projects

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Zach Elementary School AdditionSchematic design for new addition at Zach Elementary.

Opens: Winter 2019


  • Status: Construction expected to begin spring 2019
  • Increases enrollment capacity to 600 students
  • Includes addition of classrooms, bathroom space and other projects
  • Projected cost: $3 million
  • New addition replaces modular classrooms, which will be removed in phases

Design image of Zach with addition

Design image of floor plan.


New Athletics Complex

Location: At the Prospect site property, located on Prospect Road, east of Interstate Highway-25 (as part of the new middle/high school campus).

Opens: Fall 2022 


  • Multi-use field
  • Stadium seating for 4,500 
  • Concessions
  • Locker rooms for teams and referees
  • Bathrooms
  • Projected cost: $6.3 million

New Transportation Maintenance Facility, North Terminal

Location: The current North Terminal at the Johannsen Support Services complex, 2407 Laporte Ave. The new facility will replace existing offices, maintenance shops and bus parking area.

Opens: Fall 2022 (may be accelerated)


  • Safety and facility upgrades to meet current code requirements
  • Projected cost: $11.3 million


New Futures Lab

Location: Temporary location at Fort Collins High School, 3400  Lambkin Way, until a permanent location is determined.

Opens: Fall 2019

Serves: Grades 11-12 the first year. Plans are to expand to all high school students (grades 9-12) from all PSD high schools.


  • Educational programming begins in 2019 with a few classes at FCHS. Plans are to expand with additional classes in 2020
  • PSD will seek multiple sources of funding for this program that may include a portion of the 2016 bond premium after all other bond programming is complete. All projects included in the original 2016 bond program will be fully funded.