Additional Construction

Zach project and new transportation facility

New Transportation Maintenance Facility, north terminal

New transportation maintenance facility drone shot
Photo taken August 2021

Location: The current North Terminal at the Johannsen Support Services complex, 2407 Laporte Ave. The new facility will replace existing offices, maintenance shops and bus parking area.

Opens: Fall 2022 (may be accelerated)


  • Safety and facility upgrades to meet current code requirements
  • Projected cost: $11.3 million

Zach Elementary School addition completed in 2019

PSD logo Building Our Future


  • Increased enrollment capacity to 600 students
  • Includes addition of classrooms, bathroom space and other projects, replacing modular classrooms
  • Projected cost: $3 million



Zach Elementary before and after construction image.

Dr. Anna Waido, Zach Elementay teacher


Zach Elementary before and after construction image from the sky.

    A Zach Elementary student and quote, "The big windows in the new classroom really help us learn because I can see more stuff and I can really focus. When the sun is on my face, it makes me feel super warm and it makes me feel relaxed.



      New Futures Lab

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