New Bamford Elementary School

Bamford Elementary School celebrated its grand opening for the 2021-22 school year with a ribbon-cutting ceremony in August 2021. Two fifth-grade student ambassadors give you a tour of the new school in this PSD TV video:


Project details

Location: East of I-25, off County Roads 5 and 30 (PSD owns this land), located in Loveland

Opens: Fall 2021

School name: Bamford Elementary School

Principal: Alissa Poduska 

Serves: PK-5

Designed enrollment: 600 students


  • Status: Project is in process. 
  • 75,000 square feet
  • Projected cost: $30-35 million

Boundaries: Boundary Map for Southeast School

Grandfathering option for students to remain at their current school
When PSD opens new elementary schools, students in the upper grade level are often offered the opportunity to remain at their current school for their final year of elementary school. This practice is commonly referred to as “grandfathering.”

As the new southeast elementary school opens in fall  2021, students who reside in the boundary area of the new school and who will be entering the fifth grade in the fall will have the option to be “grandfathered” at their current neighborhood school (Bacon, Bethke, or Timnath Elementary), meaning they can remain at their current school for their final year of elementary school.

Parents who would like to use the grandfathering option for their student to remain at  their school should contact their current school principal. Students entering fifth grade will also have the option to attend the new elementary school (families should receive an intent to enroll form in an email).

Students who will be entering kindergarten through fourth grade in the fall of 2021 will automatically be assigned to attend the new elementary school. Parents who would like their younger students to remain at their current neighborhood school next year will need to submit a School of Choice application. 
Important things to keep in mind when considering the grandfathering option:

  • Grandfathering only applies to students entering fifth grade, not to younger siblings. Parents who have a student entering the fifth grade who opts to remain at their current school via grandfathering next year, will need to complete a School of Choice application for any younger siblings who they wish to have remain at the same school. 
  • Students opting to remain at their current schools will need their own transportation to and from school. PSD will not provide transportation for School of Choice students and may not be able to provide transportation for students who are grandfathered.