New Middle/High School at Prospect

The district is working with project contractors to continually assess the impacts of the COVID-19 outbreak on PSD projects. For the latest update, visit the New Schools and Facilities Improvements web page.

Project details for new school and district athletics complex

Building Our Futures Logo of a school with a circle around it. Location: At the Prospect site property, on Prospect Road, east of Interstate-25

Anticipated completion: Fall 2022 

Serves: In the first year (2022-2023), the school will serve all middle school grades and some high school grades (likely 9th and 10th grades), with an additional high school grade being added each school year after opening. In the third year of operation (2024-2025), it will serve grades 6 though 12. 

Designed enrollment: 1,500 students

Boundaries:  Boundary Map for New Middle/High School at Prospect

School details:

  • Approximately 247,500 square feet
  • Projected cost: $157.5 million
  • Features a performing arts area

School name: When the process for naming the school is underway, PSD will follow district facility naming policies

District athletics complex details:
This athletics complex will be a second district stadium. Like French Field at Rocky Mountain High School, this stadium will host games for all PSD schools. 

  • Lighted multi-use field
  • Stadium seating - 3,500 seats 
  • Concessions
  • Locker rooms for teams and referees
  • Bathrooms
  • Projected cost: $14 million


Preliminary schematic designs:


Schematic of the new PSD middle and high school at the Prospect site.