Community Partnerships and Application Process

A therapy dog and a young elementary student enjoy time together.
A therapy dog and a young elementary student enjoy time together. 

Partnerships support PSD's Strategic Plan

PSD community partners support students and the PSD Strategic Plan priority areas - Mental Health & Belonging, Literacy and Graduate With Options. Our valued partnerships align with district goals to provide equitable student access to learning opportunities, programs and services. 


How To Become a Community Partner with PSD

We appreciate your interest and are excited to work with you! Here's how the process works to become a designated community partner in PSD: 

Step 1: Submit an Application

All potential community PSD partners need to complete and submit a community partnership application, which asks for information about your organization and the services you'd like to offer. We'd also like to know what you need from PSD in order for you to provide services.

Community Partnership Application


Step 2: Committee Reviews Applications 

Applications are reviewed by the PSD community partnership committee made up of staff from the Student Services, Risk Management, Finance, Contracts, Legal and other departments. The committee meets monthly or more frequently if needed to keep the review process moving along toward agreements.

After your application is reviewed, you will be notified of next steps and may be asked to meet with members of the committee. 


Step 3: Partnership Contract

After the community partnership committee accepts your application to be a PSD partner, we'll develop an agreement that's specific to your agency and service, which may take two to three weeks to complete. Here's an EXAMPLE of a standard partnership agreement.



What do I need to know about community partnerships supporting the PSD Strategic Plan?

It is important that our community partners are familiar with and understand the PSD Strategic Plan. In the application, we ask potential partners to please review information on the PSD Strategic Plan website

What are PSD's educational goals and why do community partnerships need to align with them?

PSD’s three strategic goals are Literacy, Mental Health & Belonging, and Graduate With Options. Partnering with community agencies in alignment with these goals will enable students to continue engaging and learning. 

What types of organizations does PSD partner with?

There are a wide range of agencies that work within our schools. We are interested in agencies that align with the PSD Strategic Plan

How does PSD establish community partnerships? Can an individual school initiate a partnership with an agency?

How does PSD establish community partnerships? 

PSD is fortunate to have many long standing community partners that have collaborated with us over the years. We are excited to sustain these partnerships and create new ones that offer new programming and a variety of opportunities for students.


Can an individual school initiate a partnership with an agency? 

Each school site can refer a community partner to the Community and Business Partnerships web page to start the application process. The purpose of this process is to ensure all school sites have an opportunity to partner with a variety of community agencies in an equitable manner.

What role do teachers and staff play in fostering successful community agency partnerships?

Teachers and staff co-create activities, share resources, and collaborate on learning objectives and goals - often in collaboration with parents and community partners.

Are community partnerships evaluated?

As a part of the application process, community partners are required to complete an end-of-year summary to evaluate the efficacy of services provided over the course of the year.

How can community agency partnerships help address my child’s specific educational needs or interests?

Community agency partnerships often offer diverse activities and programs that cater to different interests and learning styles, providing opportunities for your child to explore their passions.

What steps are taken to ensure the safety of students in these partnerships?

PSD prioritizes student safety by working closely with community agencies, conducting necessary background checks, and ensuring that all activities are supervised and align with established safety guidelines.

How can I stay informed about the community agency partnerships at my child’s school?

Your school administrator has information on the community partners providing programming within your school.

How can I provide feedback on community agency school activities and their impact on my child?

We welcome your feedback! You can share thoughts and suggestions with PSD Assistant Director of Student Services Whitney Bennett-Clear,

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