Student Teachers / Interns

Guidelines and Application Process 

Student teacher and intern candidates are required to submit a PSD student teacher/intern application in Recruit & Hire.

Student teachers/interns in PSD are only accepted from a sponsoring university/college. Candidates should not contact individual teachers or building administrators to obtain information for a student teaching placement.

Before placement consideration, student teacher/intern candidates must submit the following information (through the application system):

  • Select Student Teacher Pool 
  • Personal Information
  • Educational information
  • Resume
  • Cover Letter
  • Respond to questions related to teaching
  • School preferences
  • TeacherEPI


Application Process

Once an application is complete and submitted, PSD coordinates with the student's university and PSD schools to determine specific placement. Note: Successful completion of the student teacher application does not guarantee placement.

Applicants please:

  • DO NOT contact schools, principals, or teachers about student teaching
  • Respond promptly to communication from the district
  • Always keep your email contact information current

Student teacher guidelines, placement and timelines

Counselor intern guidelines, placement and timelines

Contact Information

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