Family Resources

Please note resources listed on this page are provided as a service and not as an endorsement by Poudre School District. 

Enrichment - free online resources

  • Denver Public Library - Chat with a librarian at for 24/7 online references, and explore many free resources and activities to read, play and learn at home. 
  • Free newspaper subscription with user name and password (Poudre) - Free online subscriptions to Denver Post, Boulder Daily Camera, Longmont Times-Call and Loveland Reporter-Herald. Digital publications also include Kid Scoop (ages 4 to 8) on Mondays, Colorado Kids (ages 8 to 14) on Tuesdays and Mini Page (ages 4 to 8) on Wednesdays. 


Parenting resources during COVID-19

Defusing power struggles with children

This infographic has tips for avoiding or defusing power struggles with children. Consider a few strategies that might work best for your children or situation and start there. One general guideline is to recognize and reward the positive behaviors you want to see and minimize attention for the behaviors you don’t (i.e. the refusals, arguments, epic meltdowns, etc.). This approach often make things easier over time. 

Avoiding power struggles infographic.