Middle School Sports

Poudre School District offers a comprehensive athletic program for students at the middle school level.  All of the middle school athletic programs are open to any student in 7th-8th grade who have completed the check-out process outlined below.  Students in 6th grade are allowed to participate in cross country and track and field at their respective middle school.  For all other sports at the 6th grade level, programming is offered through the City of Fort Collins Recreation Department.  Home school students and/or students who attend a school that does not offer middle school athletics will be placed upon request per the PSD Guidelines for Student Participation in Extracurricular and Intersholastic Activities at District Schools.  Interested parents must contact the District Athletic Office at (970) 490-3332 to request formal placement.


All middle school students participating in PSD Athletics must have the following forms completed and turned into their school prior to their participation:

  1. Middle School Athletic Participation Permission and Release
  2. Physician Certification of Student Fitness for Athletic Participation
  3. Student Athlete Medical Information Form

Contact the Athletic Director at each middle school for questions specific to a school or programs offered at the school. 

PSD ATHLETIC HANDBOOK - Parents and students are encouraged to read PSD Athletic Handbook prior to participation.


ATHLETIC SCHEDULES - Check out the latest standings, current schedules and more!

Sign up to receive instant notification of any schedule changes by following the instructions in the RSchool Parent Guide.  This will allow you to receive a text and/or an email immediately if any changes are made to the schedule(s) you are following.  This guide will also provide instructions to download athletic schedules to your personal calendar.  This will allow you to receive live updates to your calendar.

Contact Information:

Blevins Middle School, Tom Schachet, Athletic Director, tschache@psdschools.org, (970) 488-4000

Boltz Middle School, Norma Huerta-Kelley, Athletic Director, nhuertak@psdschools.org, (970) 472-3711

Cache La Poudre Middle School, Abby Himlie, Athletic Director, ahimlie@psdschools.org, (970) 488-7403

Kinard Middle School, Jesse Morrill, Athletic Director, jmorrill@psdschools.org, (970) 488-5415

Lesher Middle School, Waren Morrow, Athletic Director, wmorrow@psdschools.org, (970) 472-3802

Lincoln Middle School, Ryan Thomson, Athletic Director, rthomson@psdschools.org, (970) 488-5702

Preston Middle School, John Howe, Athletic Director, jhowe@psdschools.org, (970) 488-7302

Webber Middle School, Bill Saint, Athletic Director, wsaint@psdschools.org, (970) 488-7807

Wellington Middle School, Jennifer Bradshaw, Athletic Director, jbradshaw@psdschools.org, (970) 488-6604