Drug Use Prevention and Help

The PSD Safe and Drug Free Schools and Communities office assists sites in creating safe and drug-free environments, free from the distractions of violence and substance abuse. Violence and substance abuse are serious problems, and it is imperative that schools collaborate with community resources and agencies to address these issues. The philosophy of Safe and Drug Free School and Communities is based on the following principles:

  • Prevention can be effective. Studies have found that students exposed to prevention curricula have lower rates of drug involvement. In addition, students participating in two or three curricula are less involved with alcohol, tobacco or other drugs than students exposed to one program.
  • Prevention is more effective when health lifestyle messages are presented by several sources. Collaboration with community resources is essential.
  • Prevention curricula needs to be developmentally appropriate and delivered across all domains of youths' lives--home, school and community.
  • Our philosophy and programming is built around imparting accurate information through effective instructional methods throughout the K-12 student experience.

Contact Information

Mental Health and Prevention Coordinator
Sarah Mowder-Wilkens | 970-490-3238 | smowder@psdschools.org