Transportation FAQ for 2020-21

If you still have questions, please contact Transportation at Transportation department at 970-490-3232 or


I heard PSD won’t be able to bus very many students next year due to COVID-19. Is that true? 
          Yes. Based on current (June 2020) Colorado Department of Education transportation guidance, only 10 students may ride on a standard-sized, 77-passenger school bus and only 5 may ride on a special education bus, which holds 47 passengers. During a typical year, PSD buses approximately 14,000 students.
          PSD staff have prepared multiple phases of transportation for the 2020-21 school year, so the district can pivot with changes in local and state public health orders and recommendations.
         The district is committed to providing legally required bussing. Current routing estimates, based on CDE’s guidance, show that PSD will likely bus fewer than 1400 students with the following specific qualifying factors to start the school year.


This just isn't going to work for anyone. What are you doing to address state guidelines and do everything you can to bus more students next school year? 

Since we initially shared PSD's current bussing plans on June 17, we want families to know we are continuing conversations with the Larimer County Department of Health and Environment and other public health, education and community partners to determine if we can have more students per bus. If it's determined we can bus additional students, we will establish criteria for their selection.  

In the meantime, we that families who don't qualify for legally required busing, as described below, but feel they need transportation, are asked to apply online at by July 1. Application is not a guarantee of transportation services. Those who have already applied need not do so again. 


If CDE guidance on the maximum numbers of students per standard-size bus remains at 10, who gets bussed? 
          If this remains in effect, PSD will start the school year providing legally-required transportation to students with these qualifying factors:
•    Students with disabilities who have transportation as a related service specified in their Individualized Transportation Plan (ITP). Planning is still underway to determine how to adhere to social distancing in instances where a child’s ITP requires that a paraprofessional sit with them on the bus. 
•    Students experiencing homelessness who qualify for services under the federal McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act, and
•    Students in foster care that qualify for transportation

My student used to qualify for bussing but won’t likely this school year. I have to work and don’t think I can drive them to school. What am I supposed to do? 
          We can absolutely empathize with you and are sorry that things are so tough. Because of Colorado Department of Education transportation guidance on the number of students allowed to ride on a bus, as of June 1 2020, we cannot accommodate the roughly 14,000 students we have in the past. If PSD were even able to provide more than the legally-required transportation based on looser social distancing guidance from CDE and the health department, this would only increase the district’s total ridership to approximately 1,000 to 2,000 students and require PSD’s entire bus fleet. 
          PSD has prepared other plans to provide bussing to additional students, beyond those who qualify for legally required transportation, but they are dependent upon local and state health and education officials’ relaxation of social distancing and other health and bussing protocols.


My child attends a school-of-choice school. Can they still be bussed next year? 
          Unfortunately, due to the very limited capacity for transportation, PSD will not be accepting transportation services school-of-choice applications for the 2020-21 school year at this time.


My child doesn't fall within the categories of students who will receive legally required transportation but does live far enough from school (I.e. a PSD mountain school, or lives far enough from school that they might receive PSD busing if the 2020-21 school year was a “normal” school year) that they won't be able to go if they're not bused. I must work and can't take them.
          We hear you. We would absolutely prefer to be in a place where we can bus all the students we do in a typical school year. However, given current state restrictions on the number of children allowed per bus, that isn't feasible. If you haven't already, please fill out the application for transportation services. If limits on the number of riders allowed per bus are relaxed, PSD will determine whether the district can bus more children and, if so, whom they will provide services to based on set criteria. Applying is not a guarantee of services, but it's a necessary step you should take, in the event PSD is able to bus additional children.