Foreign Exchange Program

Welcome foreign exchange students!

Poudre School District has two pathways available for International students to attend high school. Both options (for students with or without connections in the community) are available for the comprehensive high schools (Fort Collins, Fossil Ridge, Poudre, and Rocky), Polaris Expeditionary Learning School, as well as the charter schools (Liberty Common and Ridgeview Classical). Limited spaces are available to potential students based on school capacities.

Exchange students must apply through the PSD Student Outreach office. Please do not contact schools directly. 


Exchange Agency or J-1 Students

Students, who want to attend a PSD school and who have no connections with anyone in the community, may apply to attend a PSD school through one of the approved exchange agencies.

Please note: PSD does not recommend or endorse one agency over another. PSD works with agencies highly rated by national (Council on Standards for International Educational Travel) and state (Colorado International Youth Exchange Coalition) foreign exchange student program advisory councils.

  • Potential students must complete all agency paperwork, pay all agency fees, and receive their J-1 Visa through the agency. Students should not contact the schools or district.
  • Agency representatives are responsible for finding potential host families in the district and submitting the student application for approval. All applications are submitted to the Student Outreach office.
  • Students are accepted on a competitive basis for limited spots within the schools.
               1."Picking" a student through an exchange agency does not guarantee acceptance to the district and should not be implied by the agency representative.
               2. J-1 Students can be accepted for one semester or for one full academic year.

PSD does not certify host families for J-1 students. Anyone interested in being a host family should contact PSD International Student Coordinator Troy Krotz at, to have information sent to local representatives.

Tuition or F-1 Students

This option is for students who want to attend a PSD school while staying with a relative or family friend.

Students and/or host families should apply directly to the Student Outreach office by contacting Troy Krotz, International Student Coordinator, at 490-3239 or    

  • All documents must be complete and submitted by June 15 for fall semester consideration and October 1 for spring semester. Forms include:
             1. Student profile
             2. Power of Attorney (Signed and Notarized/Certified by Student?s family AND by host family)
             3. Certificate of Minor Child Residence (notarized/certified by both the student's family AND by the host family)
             4. Evidence of current Colorado immunization requirements as listed on the Colorado Department of Health Certificate of Immunization
             5. Proof of English Language skills as measured by the TOEFL, MTELP, SLEP, ELTiS, or sufficient evidence as provided by student's current school
             6. Current academic transcript
  • Tuition must be paid in full by the posted deadlines. ($8,050 for a year or $4,025 for a semester).
  • Students are responsible for additional SEVIS fees while setting up VISA interview.
  • Students must not have reached 19 years of age by first day of attendance in Poudre School District and must not have graduated from the 12th grade of any school or be in receipt of a document evidencing completion of the equivalent of a secondary curriculum.
  • Schools for F-1 students will be assigned according to the residence of the host family.
  • F-1 students are eligible to receive a PSD diploma if they satisfy all graduation requirements.

After documents are approved and tuition payment has been posted, the I-20 will be issued by the Student Outreach office. The I-20 for the F-1 program is issued for one year and may not be renewed.

Contact Information

International Student Coordinator
Troy Krotz | 970.490-3239  |