Advanced Learning Plans in PSD

An Advanced Learning Plan (ALP) is a written record of gifted and talented programming written with each identified gifted student and considered in educational planning and decision making for that child.


ALPs in Colorado school districts include two types of goals for the gifted student

  • Achievement goal:  Focus of this goal is advanced academic performance and achievement, independent learning and research, and/or post-secondary readiness and career exploration
  • Affective goal:  Focus of this goal is the student's social and emotional growth

Schools support goals by offering programming options and services targeted for gifted learner needs.


For more detailed information regarding identification criteria and procedures in Poudre School District, please click on the following linkOverview of Advanced Learning Plans in PSD


Common Parent Questions About ALPs


Who do I talk to about my child's Advanced Learning Plan (ALP)?

If you have questions about your child's ALP, the first person to contact will be your child's teacher in the area in which your child is identified (a specific content area such as Math or Language Arts). The classroom teachers have access to all Advanced Learning Plans and can help guide you if you have more questions.

How will the ALP benefit my child?

Because an ALP follows each student from grade-level to grade-level and from school to school, teachers know when a student has previously been identified gifted. The ALP is documentation of strengths, interests, and goals. Because the ALP documents high potential, teachers will be aware of this potential from year to year. The ALP also provides individual consideration of strengths when determining instructional options for students.

Does an ALP mean more work for my student?

An ALP is not designed to be more work for students. It is a way for students to possibly do different work. It provides a format for which students and teachers can make educational decisions for your child based on strengths, interests, and needs.

How does an ALP correspond with being in advanced classes or honors classes?

ALPs are individualized based on strengths, needs, and interests. Advanced or honors classes are a way for schools to provide challenge to your student through a more rigorous format of instruction. An ALP does not mean that your student will automatically be in an advanced class. While these classes are meant to be more challenging, there are criteria that must be met in order to be placed in one of these classes. An advanced class can be an intervention for a gifted learner, but not all learners are prescribed the same intervention. Gifted students sometimes need support in organizational or study skills before an advanced class can be a successful option.

Will the ALP move to the next grade/school with my student?

ALPs travel with the student from one year to the next, regardless of a change in schools. If your child changes schools mid-year, contact the GT Site Coordinator to expedite the process of transferring documents from the previous school.

How is the ALP communicated to parents?

ALPs are available for review at any time. Your child's school will communicate yearly with parents about updates, changes, or new goals or interventions on the ALP.

Who do I talk with if I feel my child could benefit from more challenge?

Contact your child's teacher to discuss your child's needs and additional services.