Graduation Requirements

Graduation requirements are based on state law and district policy.

Note: If you questions about graduation requirements specific to your student, please contact their high school counselor.

Current high school students must earn 240 core credits to graduate from high school. PSD recently adopted new graduation requirements to comply with new state standards that require students, entering high school fall 2017 or after, to also meet or exceed minimum test scores in English and Mathematics. Details about current and new graduation requirements are below.

Current graduation requirements:  Students must earn 240 core credits to receive a PSD high school diploma

All PSD high school students are required to earn 240 core credits to graduate from high school. Students work with their counselors to develop an Individual Career Academic Plan, which includes a review of graduation requirements, career exploration, and specific student course selection. Please contact your student's counselor if have questions about your student and graduation requirements.


PSD Core Credit Requirements




Math 30 To include skills in algebra, geometry, data analysis, and statistics. (Algebra II highly recommended.) 
Science 30 To include skills in physical, life and earth system sciences. (Chemistry and/or physics highly recommended.) 
Language Arts 40 To include skills in oral expression and listening, reading for all purposes, writing and composition, research and reasoning.
Social Studies 25 To include skills in geography, civics, history, economics. (Must include United States History and United States Government, per Colorado State Statute.) 
Humanities 5

To include the cross-curricular study of literature, history, philosophy and comparative religion, visual and performing arts, and cultures.

World Language or World Culture 10

To include skills in world languages and/or knowledge & understanding of world cultures. (Two years of world language highly recommended.)

Fine and Applied Arts 10

To include skills in developing original products, creating artifacts such as artworks or gourmet foods, performing, and problem solving using critical and creative thinking.

Wellness 15 To include skills in physical and personal wellness.
Financial Literacy 5 To include skills in personal financial literacy. 
Economics 5 To include skills in micro and macroeconomics
Electives 65




New graduation requirements begin fall 2017 

Freshmen entering high school fall 2017 or after must meet or exceed minimum test scores in English and Mathematics

The PSD Board of Education adopted new graduation requirements in January 2017 to comply with new Colorado State Board of Education graduation standards. In addition to earning 240 core credits, new freshmen entering a PSD high school fall 2017 or after must meet or exceed minimum scores in Mathematics and English on one state-approved measure to receive a high school diploma. 

To help students meet this criteria: 

State-Approved College and Career Readiness Measures

Measure English Score/Criteria Mathematics Score/Criteria
Accuplacer 62 - Reading 61 - Elementary Algebra
ACT 18  19 
ACT WorkKeys Bronze or higher Bronze or higher
ASVAB (Armed Services Vocational Battery) 31 31
International Baccalaureate tests 4 4
SAT 430 460
Concurrent Enrollment Course Passing grade  Passing grade
District Capstone Project Individualized Individualized
Industry Certificate Individualized individualized
For more information, visit the Colorado Department of Education Graduation Guidelines web page.