Futures Lab

Helping students pursue passions and interests 

PSD's Futures Lab offer students programs and pathways to pursue passions and interests in an Building Our Futures Together Graphicapplied-learning environment that enhances PSD's long-standing college and career-readiness programs. 

The Futures Lab offer courses that let students deepen their learning in interest areas, develop career skills and earn industry-recognized credentials in a variety of fields. The goal is to help students graduate prepared to succeed in a changing world.

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2020-21 school year

  • Futures Lab courses are held at the Partnership Center, 1630 Stover St. in Fort Collins, if public health conditions and orders allow for in-person education.
  • If in-person education isn’t possible, courses will occur remotely.  

High school students interested in registering for the 2020-21 school year can visit the Futures Lab website, contact their counselor or reach out to the Futures Lab team at 970-488-4400 or futureslab@psdschools.org

Questions? Contact Scott Nielsen, assistant superintendent of secondary schools, at snielsen@psdschools.org, or Scott Elias, director of Career and Innovation, at selias@psdschools.org.  


Futures Lab presentation to the Board of Education - Feb. 2019


Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

For additional questions, contact Scott Elias, PSD director of innovative learning environment design, at selias@psdschools.org or email the district at info@psdschools.org.

What is the Futures Lab Project?

The Futures Lab offer unique, applied learning experiences that complement the learning at students’ home schools. The opportunities created for students at the Futures Lab support college and career readiness by allowing students the opportunity to deepen their learning, develop career skills, and earn industry-recognized credentials so they can graduate prepared to succeed in a changing world. The Futures Lab will be a shared PSD facility available to all students.

Who is the Futures Lab for?

Futures Lab programming will be available to students in grades 11 and 12. Plans are to eventually expand to serve all high school students (grades 9-12). The Futures Lab will benefit all learners including:

  • College-bound students who want to engage in rigorous research around a specific area of interest. 
  • Students who plan to enter the workforce right after high school. The Futures Lab will offer industry-recognized credentials in a variety of areas from information technology to building trades. 
  • Students who aren’t sure what they want to do after high school. The Futures Lab will help students explore their options while enhancing their skills and knowledge.

What courses are available? What does the class schedule look like for students taking courses at the Futures Lab?

Please visit the Futures lab website to see courses.


Do students earn high school or college credit?

Students taking courses at the Futures Lab will earn high school credit. We are currently determining which courses will also be eligible for concurrent enrollment credit. As with other Advanced Placement classes, students enrolled in AP Seminar will be eligible to sit for the AP exam and earn college credit.

Are there grade point average or admissions requirements?

There are currently no GPA or other minimum requirements to participate in Futures Lab. For the inaugural year, we are seeking students who are currently on track to graduate.

What if my student doesn't drive or have transportation? How do they get to and from the Futures Lab?

Transportation will not be a barrier for students who want to attend the Futures Lab. PSD will provide transportation for students who need it. A schedule will be available when other 2019-2020 bus schedules are finalized and released.

Where does funding for the Futures Lab come from?

PSD is seeking multiple sources of funding for this program that may include a portion of the 2016 bond premium. All projects included in the original 2016 bond program will be fully funded. The Futures Lab project will not divert funding from the $40 million in planned improvements to all PSD schools, or from construction of futures projects that include three new schools, a transportation maintenance facility and an athletics complex.

The PSD Foundation is providing $70,000 in startup funding for the launch of the MobileMakersEDU™ iOS App Development. The donation will cover initial implementation costs from curriculum development to teacher training.

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