College Credit in High School

College, career and technical education options

PSD high school students may take college, career or technical education courses to earn both high school and college credit at the same time. Students interested in taking classes are required to meet and discuss options with their high school counselor.

Benefits of taking college classes in high school include:

  • Students take challenging courses in their interest area. 
  • Students may finish college earlier because of earned college credits.
  • Students may earn an associate degree by the time they graduate from high school. 
  • Students who have earned 12 credit hours of concurrent enrollment classes may be eligible to take a fifth year of high school consisting of all college classes through the Ascent program.


PSD college credit programs

College classes are available at PSD high schools, Front Range Community College,  Aims Community College, Colorado State University and through CU-Succeed. Programs and options are listed on these web pages:


College placement testing 

Students may have to take Accuplacer tests to determine their skill and aptitude in subject areas.

Accuplacer tests evaluate academic skills of new students and are used to place them in appropriate classes. Test results help determine if a student needs additional skill-building courses before enrolling in college classes. Accuplacer test scores expire after two years.

Resources to help prepare for the placement tests:


Please reach out to your high school counselor.