Early Access

What is Early Access?

To meet the needs of "highly advanced" children who have not yet entered kindergarten or first grade, Poudre School District may grant early entrance to school.  These highly advanced gifted children who do not meet the age requirements outlined in District Policy JEB must have a body of evidence that is at or above the 97th percentile.  The students selected for Early Access must be academically, emotionally, and behaviorally ready to fully participate in all aspects of public school.  This process is not for typical children who miss the October 1 kindergarten/first grade entrance date.  Rather, this process is really for the top 3 percent or less of the gifted population.


The determination as to whether a student qualifies for the PSD Early Access Program is solely within the discretion of PSD staff.


“Highly-advanced gifted child” means a gifted child whose body of evidence demonstrates a profile of exceptional ability or potential compared to same-age gifted children. To meet the needs of highly-advanced development, early access to educational services may be considered as a special provision for the highly-advanced gifted child who exhibits exceptional ability and potential for accomplishment in cognitive process, academic areas, and behavior.

Early Access Age Requirements:

  • The student must reach the age of four by October 1 for kindergarten.
  • The student must reach the age of five by October 1 for first grade.

Criteria for Early Access students

A child admitted under the Early Access provision must show high:

  • Aptitude
  • Achievement at or above the 97th percentile
  • Cognitive performance at or above the 97th percentile
  • Readiness for advanced placement
  • Observable advanced social behavior
  • Motivation to learn
  • Support from parents

Application process

Only the children of PSD residents will be considered for Early Access. Families who live in PSD may request an application from the PSD K-12 Gifted Coordinator at any time, but applications will not be distributed until March 4, 2022. Applications will be sent directly to parents. 

Parents must complete the application and compile a portfolio that contains:

  • Complete application form

  • Letter stating reasons for considering Early Access

  • Up to five of the following (documentation and reflection):

    • Performance evidence of drawing abilities
    • Performance evidence of writing abilities
    • Performance evidence of mathematical abilities
    • Short letter from an informed adult (cannot be parent) documenting the child’s participation in learning activities or lessons
    • Performance evidence of problem solving ability
    • Performance evidence of reading ability
    • Performance evidence of creative ability
  • Proof of residence within PSD boundaries

  • Copy of Birth Certificate

  • Information Release Form

Complete packets may be submitted to the PSD K-12 Gifted Coordinator between March 4 and April 1, 2022. The Early Access team will review the application and portfolio and determine whether or not the child will move forward with additional testing no later than April 15, 2022.

Contact Information

Kirstan Morris, PSD K-12 Gifted Program Coordinator

Office: 970.490.3076 | Cell: 970.217.0063 | kirstanm@psdschools.org  

2407 LaPorte Ave., Fort Collins, CO  80521