ASCENT Program

Accelerating students through concurrent enrollment

ASCENT is a fifth-year high school program that lets eligible seniors take a year of only college classes at Front Range Community College: ASCENT Information for FRCC Students or AIMS Community College.

ASCENT students do not attend high school classes.


ASCENT application for 2022-23 school year

Students will need these documents to complete the application and determine eligibility:

To qualify, students must:

  • Be under 21 and not participated in the ASCENT program previously
  • Have a 2.0 or higher grade point average and not need remedial course work
  • Meet PSD high school graduation requirements by the end of their senior year
  • Complete at least 12 college credits before the end of their senior year
    • AP courses are ASCENT eligible ONLY if the student has taken the AP Exam prior to the ASCENT application deadline AND if they received a test score high enough to warrant college credit
    • IB courses may count toward eligibility (check with your counselor regarding your grade and college credit)
    • The student and family (not the high school counselor) must have the AP or IB credit transcribed on the college transcript
  • Be accepted into the college and meet prerequisites, including required test scores, for college courses