ASCENT Program

Accelerating students through concurrent enrollment

ASCENT is a fifth-year high school program that lets eligible seniors take a year of only college classes at Front Range Community College: ASCENT Information for FRCC Students or AIMS Community College.

ASCENT students do not attend high school classes.


ASCENT application for 2022-23 school year

Removal of ASCENT slots - Any eligible student may participate in ASCENT

  • The cap of 500 ASCENT slots statewide is removed.

  • Therefore, there is no ASCENT allocation model.

  • Any eligible student may participate in the ASCENT program if they meet eligibility requirements.

ASCENT eligibility -  9 postsecondary credit hours 

  • The local education provider (LEP) may designate a qualified student as an ASCENT program participant.

  • The number of postsecondary credit hours required to be eligible to participate in the ASCENT program is now 9 (reduced from 12).

Learn more about the ASCENT program on the CDE website.