Centennial High School

330 East Laurel Street
Fort Collins 80524
United States
Mike Roberts
9 - 12
Black & gold
Teacher Education Level: 
9 of 17 teachers hold master's degrees or above
Average Teaching Experience: 

Expanded and extensively renovated in 2003, the Centennial facility dates back to 1907.

In addition to classrooms and offices, the remodeled facility houses a building trades program, an arts and sciences wing, and a flex room.

Centennial is an alternative high school that features a learning environment based on self-empowerment. Centennial’s goals are three-fold:

  1. To assist students in developing the life skills necessary to increase self-esteem and self-confidence and to achieve success in an educational setting;
  2. To provide an alternative educational setting in which students can complete their high school diploma program; and
  3. To help students develop the skills and attitudes needed to succeed in their home high schools.

Learning culture
Centennial’s staff believes everyone is worthy of respect and dignity. We encourage students to accept responsibility for their own actions and teach them to critically evaluate their life goals.

We strive to teach students how to learn so they can become self-reliant, self-supporting, contributing individuals. This includes facilitating the transition from senior high school into the workplace and/or continuing education, as well as developing a positive regard for life.

Academic environment

  • Discovery Class: New students learn and practice specific communication and life skills.
  • Courses and content parallel the curriculum offered at the district’s comprehensive high schools and meet required district and state standards.
  • Roads Scholar Program: This academic, experiential class engages students in school work and travels to various places where students interact with people, perform service learning projects, and return to make presentations to the Fort Collins community.
  • 75-minute classes allow time for hands-on learning, group work, and alternative instructional methods.
  • 1:30–3pm Wednesday is zero period for individual work.
  • Community service and involvement is encouraged.
  • Every student signs a pledge card, committing to maintain a positive learning attitude, to attend class regularly, to learn in each class, and to remain on task. Pledge card commitments are used as a basis for continued enrollment status.
  • Trained peer mediators are highly successful in resolving student-to-student conflicts.
  • Students commit to the learning culture of the six Ps: Prompt, Polite, Prepared, Participate, Positive mental attitude, and Produce.
  • Parents are encouraged to attend 4 2-hour training sessions to learn the same skills taught to their students in Discovery class.
  • A health center is available five mornings per week.
  • Nurse practitioners and mental health therapists are available to support students.

Nationally recognized program
Centennial’s program is a nationally recognized, exemplary alternative high school program. Each year state and national officials visit our school. Our program is used by 160 districts in 15 states.