O'Dea Core Knowledge School

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Address: 312 Princeton Road, Fort Collins 80525
Phone: 970-488-4450

History and Culture
O’Dea Core Knowledge School, opened in 1963, is named in honor of PSD teacher and former principal Margaret O’Dea. As a Core Knowledge school, O’Dea promotes a common and coherent learning foundation among its diverse student population that is designed to enhance students’ higher-order thinking skills.

Academics and Activities
O’Dea Core Knowledge follows the Core Knowledge sequence developed by E.D. Hirsch. Core Knowledge sequence is coupled with the Colorado Academic Standards and 21st century learning skills to ensure that O’Dea’s students receive a well-rounded and in depth education. Clear learning targets help ensure that students know their goals for each lesson and what mastery of that skill looks like. O’Dea students experience an enrichment block session that provides them the opportunity to advance beyond the traditional grade level curriculum or receive extra support for an area of need.