Poudre Community Academy (PCA)

2540 LaPorte Avenue
Fort Collins, CO 80521
United States
Colorado US
Troy Krotz
Teacher Education Level: 
6 of 7 teachers hold master's degrees or above
Average Teaching Experience: 

Formerly known as the Poudre Transition Center (PTC)

Located in the historic Mountain View building and recently renamed, Poudre Community Academy (PCA) continues to serve alternative learners in PSD.

Learning culture
PCA offers ongoing enrollment each quarter. Students at PCA attend a regular school day on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. Wednesdays, students attend a shortened day, with the opportunity to get tutoring support from teachers during “Zero Hour” in the afternoon. PCA honors its quarterly graduates and celebrates a full graduation ceremony in May.

Academic environment
Our goal is to support students in the transition from frustration and failure to personal success. PCA provides a diverse alternative education setting focused on consistency, excellence, and student accountability. 

PCA offers students:

  • Individualized planning for post-secondary education and career goals;
  • Engaging and rigorous academic work to meet PSD graduation requirements;
  • Social-emotional guidance during the transition from adolescence to adulthood;
  • Smaller class sizes and enrichment opportunities;
  • Training in 21st Century skills, such as leadership, problem solving, and critical thinking;
  • High expectations for personal responsibility and positive choices;
  • Ownership in a culture of emotional and physical safety; and
  • Regular evaluation and feedback on progress.

Instructional & enrichment programs
PCA students make change happen with...

  1. Six class periods per regular day on a closed campus, as well as online offerings.
  2. Opportunities to take courses at Front Range Community College.
  3. Credit available through our Work Experience program.
  4. Schedule coordination between work and school.
  5. Individualized planning for academic success in collaboration with teachers and counselors.
  6. Positive community experiences and enrichment on Wednesday, through Extended Learning Opportunities.
  7. Service and experiential learning.
  8. Job-shadowing and internship opportunities within the Fort Collins professional community.
  9. Creating PCA community norms and peer orientation of new students to PCA.
  10. Friendships, fun, and creativity encouraged in learning.

Opportunities for parents
Parents are encouraged to participate in the Parent Advisory Council.