Timnath Middle-High School


Address: 4700 E. Prospect Rd., Timnath  80547

Phone: 970-419-3400

History and Culture
The Timnath School served students in grades 1-12 from 1919-1960, graduating over 420 high school students during that time period. In 1960 Timnath consolidated with Poudre School District, sending its high school students to Fort Collins High School. In 1973, the junior high students in Timnath began attending the newly opened Boltz Junior High School. Timnath Elementary School has continued to operate in the original building ever since, serving over 400 students in grades K-5.

Timnath Middle-High School is proud to re-establish the rich secondary school history in the Timnath area. Opening in August of 2022, TMHS will serve students in grades 6-10 students in its opening year, and will grow to serve students in grades 6-12 grade by 2024. The school will honor and celebrate the history of Timnath schools that have come before it, while establishing new traditions and becoming a community center for Timnath and the surrounding area east of I-25.  

TMHS is one of three new PSD school construction projects funded by the 2016 Bond. Project details about TMHS are available on the New Timnath Middle-High School web page.

Academics and Philosophy
TMHS is a PSD neighborhood school that will open fall 2022. We will follow PSD curriculum guidelines which align with the Colorado Academic Standards and serve the whole child by offering a broad, balanced curriculum and building skills through social/emotional learning and relationship building. The PSD Futures Lab will be located in TMHS, allowing our students to plug in to the incredible opportunities that are offered through this program from day one.

High school course offerings will include Advanced Placement courses and concurrent enrollment opportunities, where students can earn Front Range Community College credit while attending classes at our school.

At TMHS, we believe all students can learn at high levels. We value and implement a whole child approach to learning which includes English, mathematics, science, history, art, world language, music, physical education, technology, and leadership. Opportunities to explore and focus on a student’s interests expand as students progress from middle school to high school. Teachers will have high academic expectations for students and will work collaboratively to ensure learning for all. 
All academic and instructional practices at TMHS will be driven by these four essential questions, which have been adopted to use through the Professional Learning Community model:

  • Instruction- What do we want students to know and be able to do?
  • Assessment- How will we know if students have learned?
  • Support- What will we do if students are not learning?
  • Challenge- What will we do if students are not challenged?

Academic programming will include a focus on student self-discovery in alignment with the Individual Career and Academic Plan (ICAP) process. Students will be supported in identifying their own values and a vision for themselves that includes a sense of purpose and meaning in the work that they choose to do.  

Extracurricular Activities

At TMHS, we encourage students to get involved in one or more of the many opportunities we offer through student activities: sports, clubs, music, the arts, service organizations, etc. Student activities develop core social and emotional skills and are a great way to connect students to our school.  

Research clearly shows that almost any type of student involvement in high school and middle school positively affects student learning and development. Extracurricular activities provide a setting to become involved and to interact with other students, leading to increased learning and enhanced development. Specifically, a student's peer group is the most important source of influence on a student's academic and personal development. By identifying with a peer group, that group may influence a student's intellectual development as well as his or her behavior. 

TMHS will offer a robust athletic program for both middle and high school students. The middle school teams will compete with other PSD middle schools in the district league, offering all sports that are offered across PSD.  At the high school level, our teams will compete in the Patriot League as a 3A member of CHSSA. Varsity sports will begin in year one, with all sports that are offered at PSD high schools also being offered to Timnath High School students. We will strive to win without making winning the purpose of our program while focusing on character development and transferable skills such as work ethic, sportsmanship, and competing with character as the barometer for our success.

We will build out clubs and activities based on student and staff interest, with a goal to connect students to their interests to help foster a sense of belonging for all students in our school. Multiple leadership opportunities will be available as we establish new traditions and events while celebrating the history and traditions of the students and staff who came before us.