Compass Community Collaborative School

Address: 2105 S. College Ave., Fort Collins, CO 89525
Phone: 970-372-4242

History and Culture
The Compass Community Collaborative School mission is to help students discover learning with purpose, to author the best possible story of their lives and of the collective future. Compass is an innovative, learner-centered school for students ages 12-18 years designed to prepare them for the rapidly changing world. The speed at which the economy, environment, and society are changing is unprecedented in  human history, and Compass addresses this changing landscape by embracing competency-based advancement and an intentional focus on habits of success and 21st Century competencies, in addition to the national and state academic standards. The high-quality, project-based learning practiced at Compass is steeped in design thinking and community engagement making it relevant and responsive to student interests. 

Academics and Activities
Compass is an equity project, seeking to offer students from all backgrounds the opportunity to employ entrepreneurial mindsets and use community-engaged project-based learning (venture projects) to inspire deep learning of academic, social-emotional, and 21st Century essential skills. The flexible school day schedule promotes community collaboration inside and outside of our school building.

Secondary education is embedded into real-world problem solving and meaningful work. The innovative and research-based school model was designed by a diverse team of educators, students, parents, artists, and community leaders in an entrepreneurial business incubator, and as such, many local partnerships expand opportunities for student learning. Additionally, several national partners add depth and breadth to the curriculum.

As a Big Picture Learning affiliate, the school gets support in internship and advisory programming. Summit Learning Systems provides an open-source curriculum and professional development opportunities. A partnership with No Barriers Youth provides a rich social emotional learning curriculum, venture project support, as well as opportunities for students from all socioeconomic backgrounds to travel nationally and abroad for service learning ventures.