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Online education option for families in 2020-21 

Information is current as of Aug. 4, and subject to change.

Poudre School District offers PSD Virtual (PSDV) as a 100% standalone online education option for families who aren't ready to send their children to school during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Current 2020-21 fall plan: Students will learn remotely through at least the end of first quarter, Friday, Oct. 16. The district will then re-evaluate public health conditions and decide if remote education will continue.

To learn about the difference between PSD Virtual and remote education in a student’s home school -  watch this video.

Please note that enrolling in PSD Virtual is a year-long commitment. This ensures continuity of curriculum for students as well as the overall stability of PSD Virtual. Students may be able to transition back to their neighborhood school at the semester break, but that will be on a space-available basis, if it's possible. 

PSD Virtual website


PSD Virtual Transfer Process

Parents/guardians will be permitted to switch to PSD Virtual by completing the transfer process and if there is space available. 

How to disenroll in PSD Virtual

  • Email with the subject line “Unenroll.”
  • In the body of the email, provide the parent name, student name, and student ID number. 


More about PSD Virtual  

  • Available to students in grades PreK-12 in the 2020-21 school year

  • PSD Virtual students will learn online 100% of the time. 

  • Students will need a designated adult at home to partner with their teacher and support their learning. The time commitment of this partnership will vary based on the age of the child and their readiness for online learning.

  • PSD Virtual students will be provided a device to support their online learning.  

  • Students will need internet access at their household residence. For those who don't have internet service, PSD may be able to help with access, but planning is still underway, and this is not guaranteed.  


Frequently Asked Questions

Is PSD Virtual its own program, or will each PSD school have its own branch of PSD Virtual?

PSD Virtual is being created as a stand-alone program in which PSD students need to enroll for the 2020-21 school year. Each school will not have its own branch of PSD Virtual. Students who enroll in PSD Virtual will be co-enrolled in their home school. You need not do anything if you plan to attend your home school in any of the four phases and not PSD Virtual.

I will have to enroll my child in PSD Virtual if we do not get transportation. When will we know if my child has bussing or not?

Transportation is currently working to determine which students PSD will be able to transport based on state and Health Department guidelines. Every effort is being made to notify parents of this decision as soon as possible, but it will likely be after the August 1 PSDV deadline. If PSD is unable to transport your child to school and this means you will have to enroll your child in PSD Virtual, please fill out the intent to enroll form and indicate “Will enroll only if transportation is not available,”  in the section for comments. This will allow PSD Virtual to plan for staffing and adjust enrollment numbers as soon as transportation information becomes available. 

What if I want to see how in-person is going before committing to PSD Virtual? What if PSD starts in Phase 3, then moves to Phase 4 and I am not comfortable moving to all in-person?

Due to budget constraints and their impact on staffing, it’s not possible to have space available for all PSD students at both at their home school and at PSD Virtual throughout the entire year. Requests for a transfer to PDSV after the start of school will be considered on a space available basis.

How will PSD Virtual handle enrollment while my child has dual enrollment in Front Range Community College classes? Poudre High School IB program?

Our intention, in scheduling students in PSD Virtual, is to provide course content that closely matches the courses a student would normally take in their home school. FRCC currently offers several courses in an online only format. If your child is currently enrolled in a FRCC course, they may:
1.    Remain in that course if it is offered in a remote format at FRCC.
2.    Enroll in an alternate course if it is not offered in the remote or hybrid format.
Requirements for completion of the IB Diploma Programme are unique and rigorous.  Additionally, IB teachers receive extensive training. So, it would not be possible to plan for successful implementation of the IB Diploma Programme at PSD Virtual. However, leadership at Poudre High School is working to provide opportunities for all students currently enrolled to successfully complete their program. Please contact Cori Hixon, IB  Director at Poudre High School, for more information on those specific options after July 24.

Will my child be able to take AP classes with PSD Virtual?

PSD Virtual currently plans to offer several AP courses, though it’s possible not all courses available at home schools may be offered. Course offerings will be available on the website by the week of July 20.

How will PSD Virtual accommodate my child who has an IEP/504? Or if we need more one-on-one interaction with our teacher?

Because transitions are difficult for students, efforts will be made for the team that knows the student to collaborate with PSDV staff in meeting student needs.

When a student with an IEP requests to enroll in PDS Virtual, the home school Integrated Services Team will conduct a re-evaluation and determine supports the students requires in the virtual setting. Students on IEPs will maintain their current case managers at the home school. Those case managers will collaborate with PSDV staff to deliver support services. 

Students and families will work with their home school’s 504 coordinator to update the 504 for the new virtual setting. Coordinators will collaborate with PSDV staff to ensure awareness of student accommodations and familiarity with student needs. 

Teachers will be working with students in small groups and individually to meet student needs. If your student needs more interaction with the teacher, please communicate that with the classroom teacher.

Will my student lose their seat with our choice school if I enroll in PSD Virtual?

No, students will be co-enrolled in PSDV and their home school (whether choice or neighborhood school) for the 2020-21 school year. So, they will maintain their enrollment at the home school for the 2021-22 school year. 

Will my student still be able to participate in sports with their school? What about music or theater? Extra-curricular activities?

Students will remain co-enrolled at their home school, so will be able to participate in extra-curriculars and athletics (any activities outside of school hours) at that school. Decisions about enrollment in courses held during the school day will be a home school decision, based on space and supports and resources the home school has to provide virtual opportunities. However, students with PSDV will have synchronous lessons and supports scheduled with their PSDV teachers, so it would likely be difficult to coordinate this.

Will my student be able to attend online classes with students from their school and grade level? I want them to be able to remain in contact with their classmates for social development and when they return to in-person.

Our intent is to support students maintaining connections with peers and adults at their home school. Also, if students enroll in PSDV from the same home school, it will be a priority to place them in the same class.

Can I choose to enroll my child in PSD Virtual partway through the school year, if public health conditions worsen to the point where I decide I am no longer comfortable with them attending if in-person education is happening in PSD in some form?

Enrollment at PSDV after the beginning of the year will be considered on a space available basis at the end of first semester. 

If my student enrolls at PSD Virtual, will they be with classmates from their home school?

It is not likely. PSD will hire educators from across the district to teach specifically at PSD Virtual. The third-grade teacher a student would normally have at their neighborhood elementary school, for example, will not likely be their elementary teacher at PSD Virtual. A PSD Virtual third-grade class, for example, will likely be comprised of third graders from across the school district who enrolled in PSD Virtual. If there are students enrolled in PSD Virtual from the same home school, an effort will be made to keep them together in a PSD Virtual class.

Who will teach at PSD Virtual?

Regardless of where a teacher comes from, they will receive ongoing professional development in best practices in online education, based on the National Quality Online Teaching. PSD Virtual is working with the PSD Human Resources Department to identify positions needed for the program and develop a hiring process for PSD Virtual positions. It is likely that PSD Virtual staff to be hired are current PSD educators.  

Do you know if PSDV teaching and learning will be synchronous or asynchronous? What will a student’s day-to-day experience look like?

You can find more information about the PSD Virtual student experience throughout the PSDV website (

How will my student remain connected to their neighborhood/choice school if they are in PSD Virtual?

Students will be co-enrolled in their home school.  The plans for exactly what that will look like are still in development. We realize that quality online education is built upon personalization for each student and intend to facilitate supports, resources and the best learning outcomes for your child in partnership with their home school. Again, this will look different from school to school. Check back for more specific information as plans are developed.

Will specials (i.e. band, orchestra, art) still be taught online for students at PSD Virtual? Or would they take those courses at their home school and take core classes only through PSD Virtual?

Online specials will be available for students at PSDV. However, they will not look like the traditional specials opportunities at your home school. Budget, staffing and the tight timeline for school opening will not permit the addition of electives such as orchestra and band at PSDV.

COVID-19 protocols to keep students safe at our school sites have required lots of extra planning and as those sites have students return, staffing resources will be taxed in the implementation of those plans. This means it will not be possible for elementary schools to provide virtual specials opportunities for students from their home school. PSDV elementary students will have online specials opportunities in Art, Music, and PE courses managed by their classroom teacher. 

Similarly, it will be very difficult for secondary schools to provide virtual opportunities for students. Teachers at those sites will also be teaching students online and on-campus for the first several weeks of school and when everyone returns to school, they will be busy ensuring the safety of large groups of students. If you are comfortable with it, you may check with your home school site to determine if it is possible for your student to attend a specials class in person at that school. This would only be possible if space was available and they did not have a conflict in their PSDV schedule. Secondary sites will vary in their ability to provide this.  

If a COVID-19 vaccine becomes readily available and I decide I’m comfortable with my child returning to school, if PSD is in a phase with some form of in-person education, can I transfer them back?

Enrolling your child at PSD Virtual is a year-long commitment. This helps ensure continuity of curriculum for each student as well as the overall stability of PSD Virtual. There may be a possibility of transitioning back to your student’s neighborhood school at the semester break, but that opportunity will be on a space-available basis. Staffing and budget constraints do not permit us to maintain a space at both PSD Virtual and all home schools for every student in the district.

What courses will my high school student be able to take through PSD Virtual?

We will offer a variety of courses that align with the PSD graduation requirements. A complete course catalog will be available on the website the week of July 20.

Will PSD Virtual have unique start and end dates or breaks?

No, PSD Virtual will follow the approved 2020-21 PSD school year calendar. 

Can my child participate in PSD Virtual alone? Or will they need someone, like a parent, to help them?

Students will need a designated adult at home to partner with their teacher and support their learning. The time commitment of this partnership will vary based on the age of the child and their readiness for online learning. This will look different from student to student. More information is available on the PSD Virtual website.

Will all students who apply be accepted to PSD Virtual?

Some students may have needs that are challenging to meet in an online format. If your child’s home school determines this is the case for your child, PSD and your home school will work with you to determine safe options for your child.

If my child completes 12th grade at PSD Virtual can they participate in graduation at their home school?

PSDV students will be co-enrolled at their home school and this is the school they will officially graduate from. They are welcomed and encouraged to participate in graduation ceremonies at that school. 

Contact Information

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Dawn Feit  | 970.732.7260  |

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Jill Brunner  |

Elementary Principal 
For questions about staffing, family partnerships, and overall elementary school operations.
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Elementary Assistant Principal
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Secondary Principal
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