Dual Language/Immersion

PSD schools with dual language immersion programs:

Harris Bilingual Immersion Elementary School

Harris teaches the PSD standards-driven curriculum in both English and Spanish. The school's goal is for every student to become fully bilingual and biliterate. The dual language instructional model at Harris has received state and national recognition. The school maintains a 50/50 ratio of native Spanish- and English-speaking students.

Irish Elementary

The Irish Elementary program includes a 50/50 group of native English/Spanish speakers. The program's goal is to have students leave Irish bilingual, biliterate, and bi-cultural. Language of instruction for math, science, social studies, and social skills alternates between Spanish and English each week. 


Boltz Middle School 

Boltz Middle School extends the Dual Language Immersion program for students that have an elementary dual language background. Students in the program receive core instruction in Spanish for their social studies class and a Spanish language arts class. Students in the program are part of a cohort group that progress through all three years at Boltz. The AP Spanish language and composition test serves as the capstone goal for eighth grade students and successful completion of that will ensure their Colorado State Seal of Biliteracy. This program begins with sixth grade only beginning in the fall of 2019.