Long-Range Planning in PSD

Together, we'll work to do what's best for kids

Our students have more diverse needs than ever, and we are preparing to support them with fewer resources. Declining birth rates and declining student enrollment are having negative impacts in Poudre School District and on school districts across the state of Colorado and the nation. Demographers project an enrollment decrease of about 10% in PSD in the next several years, which equates to a recurring reduction of roughly $40 million to the district’s annual budget (10% of a roughly $400 million total budget). Said another way, this is equal to about 404 full-time positions.

With mounting facility maintenance and improvement needs and a need for new facilities to support the continuing growth in some areas of our district – such as the towns of Timnath and Wellington – collectively nearing an estimated $1 billion in cost, a future PSD Board of Education will need to decide whether to ask voters to support a ballot measure.  

 What are the issues?

  • Birth rates have been declining. 
  • Student enrollment has been decreasing.
  • Colorado has one of the lowest funding rates for schools in the nation.

As a result, PSD faces significant cuts to programming and services and must make changes to educational programs, possibly consolidate schools, and change boundaries. 

Changes would go into effect no sooner than the 2025-26 school year.

We'll engage with our community to look for solutions 

In PSD, we exist for our students. We believe in the transformative power of public education to positively impact students’ lives and prepare them to be successful in a changing world. One of the things that our students learn is how to solve real-world problems and adjust as things evolve. We are practicing what we teach and working with our community to address the very real challenges that are affecting our larger community today and for years to come. Navigating change isn’t easy, but we do so better when we do it together.   

PSD is forming a Facilities Planning Steering Committee to help support this work. The difficult but necessary steps we take today keep us aligned with our values of ensuring that students and their families have high-quality educational choices in PSD; growing the programs that are in high demand; and continuing to be good stewards of taxpayer dollars and community assets like our facilities.  Inaction puts the long-term sustainability of our entire school district at risk in the future.

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